Gun Slinger (Class)

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Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger (Class).png
Favourite Role: Damage
Primary Weapon: Pistols
Secondary Weapon: Shotgun
Difficulty: Difficulty 2.jpg

Gunslingers are unparalleled masters of gunplay. They are able to perform trick shots with their pistols and blast away sturdier enemies with their shotgun.


  • Primary: Pistols - Pistol users focus on synergy between their two pistols. When the chambers of both pistols are in alignment, their pistol attacks can have additional effects.
  • Secondary: Shotgun - Shotguns use specialized shells when firing. When all shells are depleted, shotgun users can reload one of the available types of shells.

Favoured Role

  • Damage - Deal damage to enemies

Notable Abilities


  • 2/5 - This build does not have an ability that does not consume ability energy, so energy needs to be managed carefully.