Guardians of Gaia

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The Guardians of Gaia are gigantic golems made from the natural forces of the earth, activated by The Gatekeeper, as a defensive mechanism where she is most wounded. However they lash out against everything and everybody and pose a visible threat to the secrecy of the secret world, forcing the Council of Venice to authorize their removal as swiftly and silently as possible.[1][2]

The Guardians are strong, stupid and slow amalgamations of silica and elements charged by anima. They act as secondary line of defence and are called the white blood cells of Gaia. They appear in places were the filth has been spotted, Transylvania, Egypt, Solomon Island and probably Tokyo.[3]

Known Members

Guardians of Gaia Members
Image Name Element Image Name Element
Pitiqtu Nasiru2.png Pitiqtu Nasiru Earth, Living Clay Anzanuzu Nasiru1.png Anzanunzu Nasiru Water, Raging Torrent
Abnu Nasiru3.png Abnu Nasiru Stone, Flowing Stone Isatis Narisu6.png Isatis Nasiru Fire, Liquid Fire
Basi Narisu4.png Basi Nasiru Sand, Unforgiving Sand Halbu Narisu6.png Halbu Nasiru Verdant, Elder Forest
Erbu Narisu3.png Erbu Nasiru Pestilence, Crawling Plague Kasu Narisu8.png Kasu Nasiru Ice, Frozen Truth
Kaspu Nasiru.jpg Kaspu Nasiru Strife, Lunar Metal Samsu Nasiru.png Samsu Nasiru Gilded Rage, Solar Metal