Goon (Deck)

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Goon (Deck)
Goon (Deck).jpg
Secret Society: Illuminati
Weapon 1: Hammer
Weapon 2: Blade

The Goon, wielding blade and hammer, is the face that stopped a thousand punches. This is a deck intended for tanking, focusing on survivability and drawing attacks away from the group. With a variety of buffs that trigger when the Goon is struck with glancing blows, this deck welcomes a beating.

A selection of self-heal effects prop up the Goon's survivability, including both of their elite abilities.

Weapons Needed

Active Abilities

  • Aftershock - [16 AP, Active, Strike, Single] - A single target Strike attack that deals a large amount of damage. Consumes all Hammer Resources.

Passive Abilities

  • Agitator - [12 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target] - Significantly increases the amount of hate you generate.
  • Immovable Object - [34 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target] - Whenever an enemy deals damage to you, you deal 13 physical damage back to your attacker. The amount of damage scales with your maximum health.


As of Patch 1.01, Perseverance provides no benefit to this Deck. Steel Palace is not flagged as a Frenzy ability and will provide no healing.