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Ghouls Leaderboards.png
The carrion eaters gather around his altars. - Leaderboards



Typically all ghouls share these special abilities, regardless of their variant type:

Virtually all melee ghouls have the following abilities:

Virtual all magic casting ghouls have the following spells:


There tend to be 3 types of Ghouls in a given tribe:

  • Leader - Typically most powerful of the melee type ghouls in the tribe
  • Shamen - Ghouls that have learned to use magic
  • Melee - Found either singular, or in swarm. They typically use nothing other than their claws to fight.



Monster - Ghouls
Name Objective Awards
Ghoulash Kill 10 Ghouls
Scavenger Kill 25 Ghouls
Decomposed Kill 50 Ghouls
Bloodrot Kill 100 Ghouls
Va Fanghoul Kill 500 Ghouls
Cannon Fodder Kill 1,000 Ghouls
Carrion Comfort Kill 5,000 Ghouls
Ghoul School Graduate Kill 10,000 Ghouls

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