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In February 2011, CGN hosted a Superbowl Squares contest where members of the community could enter to win TSW swag. When the contest ended, one of the four winners was a square designated "WILD", meaning that everyone who entered (99 contestants) won something.

In August, the prize boxes were mailed out; they contained a signed print, a faction badge, and a single puzzle piece. All puzzle pieces have a letter in silver on the back: Some pieces have additional gold markings.

Many of the shipping containers also had quotes from the various ARGs (Dark Days are Coming, Inside the Box) and the Everything is True trailer such as: "The Dark Places are Crawling" and "We are in the Fourth Age." No packages delivered outside of the US had phrases, and only one phrase repeats. No pattern related to phrase use or delivery was discovered.

The community worked hard to solves the puzzle by gathering the pieces and deciphering the code. The password, coronis, translated from the Theban letters was later used in the The Fool's Journey, Act 2 ARG and Joel Bylos has suggested that the community will more fully understand the role of the puzzle once The Secret World has launched.


02/28/12 Joel Bylos, in a response to a forum thread about this ARG result posted, "I also don't fully expect people to understand the significance of the Scarecrow puzzle until release."

11/11/11 "coronis" is used as a password for a zip file that was emailed out during The Fool's Journey, Act 2; only those who provided puzzle piece images received the email.

10/26/11 Remaining pieces list, to be updated as we get the info and people make contact.

Mithrilendil - waiting on delivery (France)
dohp - waiting on delivery (Venezuela)
raviros - waiting on delivery (Brazil)
mitigate1 - received package (9/28/11 - Australia), camera broken, waiting!
mannfreid - made contact via PM with Maurna, said he was working on it (MF sent new PM 9/30/11) (US)
jajo666 - still attempting to make contact, 9/15/11 Nyte has agreed to send an email, no response on forums (Poland)
risskov - still attempting to make contact, 9/15/11 Nyte has agree to send an email, no response on forums (Denmark)

10-31-2011 Nyte posts twitter pictures of putting together his Halloween costume, which looks quite familiar: sewing and stitching, tying, lacing, binding, and then ending with "Enter the lair, Face the Beast."

09-02-2011 At prompting from Nyte, the community begins to try and track down the remaining holders of the puzzle pieces.

08-23-2011 - Saibantes takes the original Superbowl matrix, sorts by heading and discovers words in English. The community figures out the following
Gather the pieces
Sew the eyes
Stitch the mouth
Tie the hands
Lace the boots
Bind them as one
Enter the lair
Face the beast

Progress continues on the Theban letters, as Hindra finds a more complete Theban alphabet and the letters may translate to "coronis"

08-15-2011 - Jan Birkeland tweets a picture.

08-12-2011 - Valiah discovered that the gold markings could be Theban letters. The Theban alphabet, also know as the Wiccan alphabet and the Runes of Honorius, first appeared in the writing of Johannes Trithemius; he attributed them to Honorius of Thebes. Trithemius' student Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa also published the Theban alphabet, but he claimed it came from Pietro d'Abano.

08-09-2011 - Ithnag posted a great overview that show the puzzle possibly following the grid from the superbowl contest.

08-08-2011 - Time_Nexus posted a picture of his puzzle piece and the quote that came with it "Any god, I mark sacred". This quote, unlike the previous fourteen, is not from the Everything is True trailer, but from the poem from the Dark Days are Coming ARG, making it the first deviation in quote source.

08-07-2011 - Grue reported receiving a package containing a puzzle piece. It had the letter S on it's back and what people on the forums suspected was a strange, intentional, gold mark. Along with the puzzle piece, Grue also found the quote "The Dark Places are Crawling" on his shipping tube; a line in the trailer Everything is True.

03-14-2011 Initial prizes are revealed for all 99 participants as well as the three main prize winners.

02-06-2011 The Superbowl finishes with a score that places the end of the fourth quarter on the Wild Card. Altered prize discussion begins.

Puzzle Images

In progress shots for now.

AbsolutelyEmpty's repaint of the likely image for a completed scarecrow Theban letter view, Aug 29 Scarecrow progress, Aug 29 Letter side progress, Aug 29 front of scarecrow with letters Sept 4

Data summary

Player name Letter Package phrase Golden mark Front puzzle piece view Back puzzle piece view
.backslash T None. Yes From .backslash From .backslash
41264 T None. No From 41264 From 41264
aenemic H None. Yes From aenemic From aenemic
aiRWaLKRe E This is how our end begins. No From aiRWaLKRe From aiRWaLKRe
Aken B None. No From Aken From Aken
Alcan T None. No From Alcan From Alcan
Amaran E None. Yes From Amaran From Amaran
Anima S "The dark places are crawling." Yes From Anima From Anima
Aquira C None. Yes From Aquira From Aquira
arbitrary M None. No From arbitrary From arbitrary
Ardanwen I None. No From Adranwen From Ardanwen
Asriel S None. No From Asriel From Asriel
Aste H None. No From Aste From Aste
Asteria H None. Yes From Asteria From Asteria
Aurael L "We are in the fourth age." No From Auriel From Auriel
Banditguru E "Powerful cabals rule the world." No From BanditGuru From BanditGuru
Bargi D None. Yes From Bargi From Bargi
Belladawna Y None. No From Belladawna From Belladawna
Berot I None. Yes From Berot From Berot
Bobbis A None. No From Bobbis From Bobbis
bpy6 E None. Yes From bpy6 From bpy6
Caelin E None. No From Caelin From Caelin
Coren S None. No From Coren From Coren
Dartfrog A "They have kept us in the dark." No From Dartfrog From Dartfrog
derFeef A None. No From derFeef From derFeef
dohp T None. No Not yet delivered Not yet delivered
Eiriks0 I None. Yes From Eiriks0 From Eiriks0
Ergonomic Cat E "Signals observe our thoughts." Yes From Ergonomic Cat
Etrae T "The Host were here before us." No From Etrae From Etrae
Falwell H "Dark conspiracies converge." No From Falwell From Falwell
feygamer S "They are still here." Yes From feygamer From feygamer
Flutterby I None. Yes From Flutterby From Flutterby
fusadi E "There is a city on the moon." No From fusadi From fusadi
Geargoyle H "Eleven days are missing." No From Geargoyle From Geargoyle
Genesis A None. No From Genesis From Genesis
Griffinz H None. No From Griffinzz From Griffinzz
Grue S "The dark places are crawling." Yes From Grue From Grue
Heed E None No From Heed From Heed
Hewitt H "The Earth is hollow." Yes From Hewitt From Hewitt
huskeonkel P None. Yes From huskeonkel From huskeonkel
InsomniacGR H None. No From InsomniacGR From InsomniacGR
jajo666 N None. No No contact No contact
jaxz B None. No From jaxz From jaxz
Karthie O None. No From Karthie From Karthie
Kendrick O "The Wagtail has arrived." No From Kendrick From Kendrick
Kreed T "The eight watch over us." No From Kreed From Kreed
ksabers E None. Yes From ksabers From ksabers
Leck A None. Yes From Leck From Leck
lockbox G None. No From lockbox From lockbox
Lotus13 L "Solomon's key unleashes Hell." No From Lotus13 From Lotus13
Makaruda H "The Tower of Babel never fell." No From Makurada From Makurada
Makiaveli C "The Old Gods are awakening." No From Makiaveli From Makiaveli
Maliziosa E "Atlantis rises." No From Maliziosa From Maliziosa
mannfreid E "The Arc of the Covenant is an engine." Unknown Not yet posted Not yet posted
Mayday T None Yes From Mayday From Mayday
mbbrazen E "Stonehenge is a beacon." No From mbbrazen From mbbrazen
Mcdase C None. No From Mcdase From Mcdase
mitigate1 E None. No Not yet posted Not yet posted
Mithrilendil H None. Yes Not yet delivered Not yet delivered
Moor N "The Fountain of Youth is poisoned." No From moor From moor
Munin E None. No From Munin From Munin
nanashin T "Immortal beings walk the Earth." Yes From nanashin From nanashin
Nikel A "The planets are aligning." No From Nikel From Nikel
Obba R None. No From Obba From Obba
panzerghost T "The end of days are here." No From Panzerghost
Paranormal E None. Yes From Paranormal From Paranormal
plimsoll R None. No From plimsoll From plimsoll
Pry2348 E "Everyone must choose a side." No From Pry2348 From Pry2348
psychochef80 H "The Filth will corrupt us all." No From Psychochef80 From Psychochef80
Raemari B "The Morning Light burns." No From Raemari From Raemari
Rageraiden T None. Yes From Rageraiden From Rageraiden
raviros T None. No Not yet delivered Not yet delivered
risskov O None. Yes No contact No contact
Rayvyn S "Demons march against us." Yes From Rayvyn From Rayvyn
rpgalon U None. No From rpgalon From rpgalon
Sedeas M "The dreamers whisper" No From Sedeas From Sedeas
Selana E None. Yes From Selana From Selana
Selzi N "A blight befalls the Garden of Eden." Yes From Selzi From Selzi
Shoob E "We have dug too deep." No From Shoob From Shoob
silvercyanide A "Lilith's Children are unchained." Yes From silvercyanide From silvercyanide
Sivetar (Rougier) C "Pandora's box is opening." No From Sivetar (Rougier) From Sivetar (Rougier)
Sliopka E None. No From Sliopka From Sliopka
Springfield E "There is a secret world." No From Springfield From Springfield
Squiver F "This is a code XIAO DAO HUI." No From Squiver From Squiver
Syd N Everything Is True. No From Syd From Syd
Syne O "Ils se reveillent. Ca a commence." No From Syne From Syne
TheMarauder T "Dark days are coming." No From TheMarauder From TheMarauder
TheSaint08D D "A grim, odd arcane sky." Yes From TheSaint08D From TheSaint08D
Time_Nexus T "Any God, I mark sacred." No From Time_nexus From Time_nexus
Tippers T None. No From Tippers From Tippers
Tryagain (trygve) I None. Yes From Tryagain From Tryagain
Tymaara E Not provided. Yes From Tymaara From Tymaara
Vallikat H "The Bees are Returning." No From Vallikat From Vallikat
Vestaloyne T None Yes From Vestaloyne From Vestaloyne
wahoozerman S "A dreamy, sick dragon." Yes From wahoozerman From wahoozerman
Xziled S "Amundsen fant det under isen." Yes From Xziled From Xziled
Yabree W None. No From Yabree From Yabree
yorgil R None. No From yorgil From yorgil
Yume T None. No From yorgil From yorgil
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