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Gadgets are reusable items with short term buffs and with long cool-downs. They are divided into multiple types of gadgets. Each gadget's cooldown affects all other gadgets of the same type.

So far, the existing gadget types are:

  • Stimulants
  • Kickbacks
  • Curiosities

All gadgets will be either Quality Level5 or Quality Level10. If you are crafting gadgets yourself (see Assembly/Recipes) you will use a green rarity Gadget toolkit to make Quality Level5 gadgets and a blue rarity Gadget toolkit mark 2 to make Quality Level10 gadgets.


Stimulants are reusable gadgets that provide a boost to either a primary stat (health, attack rating, or heal rating) or a secondary stat (crit rating, block rating, etc..).

They will buff that stat for 20 seconds, and then all Stimulant gadgets are on a cooldown fro 2 minutes.

The bonuses granted by the gadgets are:

Gadget Name Stat Type Stat affected QL5 effect QL10 effect
Stimulant Attack Primary Attack Rating 46 78
Stimulant Block Secondary Block Rating 125 232
Stimulant Critical Power Rating Secondary Critical Power Rating 46 78
Stimulant Crit Secondary Critical Rating 150 276
Stimulant Defense Secondary Defense Rating 125 232
Stimulant Eavde Secondary Evade Rating 139 256
Stimulant Heal Primary Heal Rating 46 89
Stimulant Health Primary Hit Points 300 550
Stimulant Hit Secondary Hit Rating 125 232
Stimulant Magical Protection Secondary Magical Protection 83 153
Stimulan Penetration Secondary Penetration Rating 125 232
Stimulant Physical Protection Secondary Physical Protection 83 153


Kickbacks are reusable gadgets that provide a boost to a secondary stat (crit rating, block rating, etc..), but only if certain trigger conditions are met.

Each kickback will have a trigger (what has to happen for it to give the effect) and an effect (what happens if the trigger condition is met).

Activating a kickback will make its trigger effect last for 20 seconds. Within those 20 seconds, any time the trigger condition is met the stated effect will be applied. The effect lasts for 4 seconds. After the 20 seconds have expired all Kickback gadgets will be on a shared cooldown for 2 minutes.

There are a large number of combinations possible for triggers and effects. See Assembly/Recipes#Kickback recipes for a list of all the possibilities and their effects.

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  • For crafting patterns to make Stimulants or Gadgets - see Assembly/Recipes
    • Note that Curiosities cannot be crafted

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