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Overall Quality

Four preset buttons are available for quick setup.



Controls for the graphics used by the game.

If you need more information about some of the features, links to Wikipedia are present as references.

Option Description Notes Default
Display Resolution Pull down menu to select resolution for the game to use. N/A
Display Mode Pull down menu to select the video driver display mode. Windowed
Anti-alias quality Pull down menu to select quality level for the anti-alias[1] process. None
Motion Blur Pull down menu to select motion blur[2] effect. DirectX 11 Only None
Tessellation Pull down menu to select tessellation[3] effect. Requires DirectX 11 None
SSAO Pull down menu to select screen space ambient occlusion[4] effect. Requires DirectX 11 None
DirectX version Pull down menu to select which DirectX[5] API version to use DirectX 9

Details for the pull down options are presented below.

Display Modes

Mode Description Notes
Fullscreen The game will have exclusive use of the display. This option will generally give you the fastest frame rate.
Windowed The game will run in a window.
Windowed (Borderless) The game will appear to be using fullscreen but access to the start menu and task bar will overlay the game. This is the best option to use if you will be switching back and forth between the game and other applications.


Mode Description
None Disabled
FXAA Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing[6]
FXAA HQ Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing high quality
TXAA 2X Temporal anti-aliasing[7] 2X
TXAA 4X Temporal anti-aliasing 4X

Motion Blur

Mode Description
None Disabled
Low Quality Enabled but low quality
High Quality Enabled


Mode Description
None Disabled
Ground only Only ground surfaces
World only Only world objects
Ground and World Both ground and world


Mode Description
None Disabled
Low Quality Enabled but low quality
High Quality Enabled


Version Description Notes
9 Good for older video cards Does not support tessellation or SSAO
11 Most advanced version of the API that the game supports Required for tessellation and SSAO


Option Default
Brightness 1.00
Contrast 1.00
Gamma 1.00


Warning: Adjusting these sliders should only be attempted by advanced users.

If you encounter any issues with your graphics while using these custom settings, please revert to the Overall Quality settings, located in the basic video options.

Funcom Customer Support will only handle requests for technical assistance if the Overall Quality settings are used.

Option Notes Default
View distance 3
World detail 3
Texture detail 3
Vegetation detail 3
Lighting detail 3
Filtering mode 3
Advanced GFX settings 3


  • The community's rule of thumb for the Advanced settings is to not set them to the highest setting (4) but instead use 3.8 as the maximum value.