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Option Description Notes Default
Enable SFX/Voice Toggle Sound Effects & Voice Overs On
Enable music Toggle Music On
Enable combat voice help Toggle combat assistance On
Enable noncombat voice help Toggle general assistance On
Show subtitles Toggle subtitles for in-game dialog On
Show subtitles in cinematics Toggle subtitles for cutscenes Off
Speaker setup Set number of channels Auto

Supported speaker setups

Auto (system settings)
4.0 Surround
5.1 Surround
7.1 Surround


Use caution with these as they are intended for troubleshooting or support use.
Option Description Notes Default
Enable sound system Toggles entire sound system On
Maximum simultaneous sounds Number of sounds that the system can play at a time 96
Sound output format Type of sound data to send to audio driver Auto

Supported output formats

Integer audio stream
Floating-point audio stream