Fungal Filth

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Fungal Filth are colonies of fungus that have become at least partially sentient.

Different colonies of fungus can be found in various areas of the The Shadowy Forest


Typically Fungal Filth will have one of the following:

Additionally they will usually have one of the following Miasma:



Each colony of Fungal Filth seems to be vaguely related, having the same general colorization and being found in the same general area


Each colony, regardless of location has a few types growths that are similar between the colonies

  • Pods - Similar to Draug brood pods, although smaller, the growths seem to mature in these pods before becoming mobile
  • Seedling - Smaller versions of the Incubators, usually found in Swarms of 5 or 6
  • Incubators - Spindly legged creatures, somewhat resembling spiders but with only four legs
  • Breeders - An amorphous blob looking creature
  • Monstrosities - Very large, humanoid looking creatures


Monster - Fungal Filth
Name Objective
Mushroom Picker Kill 10 Fungal Filth
Mushroom Soup Kill 25 Fungal Filth
Mushi Mushi Kill 50 Fungal Filth
Death Capper Kill 100 Fungal Filth
Of Filth and Mushrooms Kill 500 Fungal Filth
Sporicide Kill 1,000 Fungal Filth
Sporicidal Maniac Kill 5,000 Fungal Filth
High on Shrooms Kill 10,000 Fungal Filth