From Carthage to Cairo

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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for 'The Secret World. This content is not available for SWLicon.png Secret World Legends.

From Carthage to Cairo
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Start Location: Cafe Giza
Start Coords: (549,447)
End location: [[(200,475)]]
Given by: Tanis
Type: Sabotage
Reward: 209,930 Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.5
Removed in: Update 2.0

Tensions are high in al-Merayah as competing organisations jockey for power and position. Find out what the latest alliances have in store for Egypt, and learn who's been left out in the sand.


Tier 1

Eavesdropping on Saïd and Tanis behind Cafe Giza

Said: Did you suppose "he's eternal, what's another ten minutes," hmm?
Said: This is why I swore off Aegean girls.
Said: Out with it, then.
Tanis: We want you to fulfil the terms of your agreement.
Tanis: You do not get to skip out on a contract signed in blood.
Said: For a moment there, I thought a Phoenician arms dealer was trying to lecture me on principles.
Said: We had a deal on the table, then you cut another deal with a death cult. We want no part in that.
Said: Besides, Venice has called in the bees.
Tanis: The mighty and ancient Kingdom, afraid of a little sting?
Said: I'm not taking on any new enemies at the moment.
Tanis: You're making one right now.
Said: You have made a simple arrangement infinitely more complicated. My advice?
Said: Get that ass of yours insured. It would be your gift to the world.
Said: (As Tanis pulls a gun on Said) Oh please, we're above this. Well, one of us is.
Said: Mmmm... Gun oil, desperation and cheap perfume.
Said: Tanis, Tanis, Tanis.
Tanis: (Putting the gun away) So what do you want... Money? Blood sacrifices? The Spear of Destiny?
Tanis: We have the wealth of Carthage, there must be something you want.
Said: Goodness, let's not debase ourselves any more than we absolutely must.
Said: Not wealth. Honour. Carthage has long sold out of that stock.
Said: You've made your sarcophagus, now go lie in it.
Said: I shouldn't think we'll meet again.
Tanis: Fucking mummies.
Berihun: (Approaching after Said leaves) I told you they would all desert you.
Berihun: They lack the conviction, and they will burn for it.
Berihun: Come. Let us discuss our...
Berihun: bright and shining future.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: An explosion has rocked the village not far from Cafe Giza. Locate the target of the blast and uncover the motives.
    • Investigate the explosion
    • Pick-up the buzzing cell-phone
    • Check the cell-phone for messages
    • Eavesdrop on the meeting behind the cafe
    • Look around for Said
    • Check the phone for a new message
  • Tier 2: Said has contacted you. He fears that some of the Kingdom's agents are in danger. One agent in particular, Gamel Saad, was last seen by an abandoned butcher shop.
    • Enter the abandoned butcher shop
    • Find Gamel Saad
    • Check the phone for a new message
  • Tier 3: Said is beginning to regret certain strategic alliances the Kingdom got involved in. As a result of dealing with questionable associates in the past, they are now unwilling to pursue a contract with the Phoenicians. needless to say, the Phoenicians aren't pleased.
    • Go to the distress signal location
    • Find traces of the Kingdom's agent
    • Follow the trail of blood
    • Check the phone for new messages
  • Tier 4: Another of the Kingdon's agents, Hassan Kamil, is somewhere northwest of the date farm. Continue to foster your relationship with Said to see what it can bring.
    • Explore the ruins west of the date farm
    • Find Hassan Kamil
    • Activate the detonators
    • Defend Hassan



Dragon.png Illuminati.png Templars.png All Factions

Ah, there you are! Hope you don't mind my tracking down your personals.

Listen, i believe in practicing sustainable business with competent partners. After all, we tend to take a very long view of things in the Kingdom. indeed, we have made some conspicuous slips of late. Terribly conspicuous. Death cult conspicuous.

I suppose we really should try to make up for it, but let's not forget that we all make mistakes. Believe me, your kind have made mistakes.

So, let's not get hung up on who shipped what for whom. Life goes on, I should think...

My people will call your people. We'll do lunch!



There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

  • Investigate the explosion
    • Go to the area on your map, enter the building at (551,407)
  • Pick-up the buzzing cell-phone
    • On the ground, underneath an awning on the roof of the building
  • Check the cell-phone for messages
    • Use it from your inventory
  • Eavesdrop on the meeting behind the cafe
    • Head to the location on your map. A cutscene will play
  • Look around of Saïd
    • Just run around in the area looking for him
    • Eventually the mission will update, before you actually find him
  • Check the phone for a new message
    • Use it from your inventory

Tier 2/4

  • Enter the abandoned Butcher Shop
    • You will get a text message on the phone you picked up telling you that Gamel Saad is in the butcher shop
    • The butcher shop is marked on your map, you can use the door on this one - no need to sneak in from the roof
  • Find Gamel Saad
    • First you have to get through the butcher shop - watch out for lasers and cameras
    • For the first camera - wait until it swings away from you then run and hide in the corner under it.
    • The next time it swings away - jump over the laser and then run up the middle aisle and pause partway down the isle before getting to the far wall
    • When the second camera swings away, finish running up the middle aisle and then to the right and hide in the corner under this camera
    • When the second camera swings away from the doorway, exit the room.
    • In the next room - wind your way through the lasers. You may have to jump on/over some pallets to get past the first part.
    • In the last section, you want to get to the switch at the end of the path - just time the camera swing
    • After the switch, you will hear some loud creaking from somewhere else in the Butcher Shop
    • Wait for the camera to swing away again and then start working your way back to where you came in.
    • When you get to the first camera you encountered, there will be a new door open - go through there.
    • If you die on the way back after hitting the switch, the door stays open and you just have to go through it
  • Free Gamel Saad
  • Check the phone for a new message
    • Use it out of your inventory again

Tier 3/4

  • Go to the distress signal location
    • The location is marked on your map
  • Find traces of the Kingdom's agent
    • Look for yellow-outlined blood on the ground that you can use
  • Follow the trail of blood
    • It will lead you to a burning body at (266, 249)
    • Use the badge next to it
    • You can use the Forklift in the area to distract the monsters in the area rather than fighting them
  • Check the phone for a new message
    • Use it from your inventory

Tier 4/4

  • Explore the ruins west of the date farm
    • Significantly easier to get to if you go from either the Forsaken Oasis or via the path north of the western lock.
  • Find Hassan Kamil
    • Click on him
  • Activate the detonators
    • Use the computer
  • Defend Hassan Kamil
    • Your best defense is using the mortar and getting the groups as far from Hassan as possible.
    • Supplement with using the detonators if you have the time.
  • Check the phone for a new message.
    • From your inventory again

Other Information

  • While on this mission, you probably want to pick up the mission A Ghoulish Fate while on your way to the Tier 4 objective for this mission. Once you are done with A Ghoulish Fate, the easiest path to the Tier 4 objective for this mission is via a passage just north of the Monstrosity you killed for that mission.
  • Once you've completed this mission, the item mission Tainted Dreams begins in the same area as this one ends.

Related Achievements


  • SWLicon.png This mission has been removed, it's content is now contained in the Secret World Legends version of width Black Sun, Red Sand.



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