Franklin Mansion

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Franklin Mansion
Franklin Mansion.jpg
Map Coordinates: (870,260)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Type: Player versus environment

First built by Frank and Joanna Devore in 1876, this lavish Mansion in Blue Mountain on Soloman Island has had a long history of tragedy and and hauntings, landing it the number four spot on the Maine's Most Haunted! Top Ten. Its current inhabitants are Eleanor Franklin, thirteen cats, and "give or take a dozen ghosts". The Bees suggest that most of the misfortune of the mansions' residents can be attributed to Frank Devore's secret library on the occult, possibly a result of his ties to the Illuminati.

A virtual reality version of the mansion is also the site for one of the Council of Venice's training scenarios.


Starts at location

Eleanor Franklin
width The Ghosts and the Darkness
width The Haunting
width Funeral Crasher

Location involved in

width Scaredy-cat
width Dawning of an Endless Night
width A Delivery for the Departed
width Skeleton in the Attic
width The Meowling (Seasonal, Samhain)
width The Mansion (Scenario)


Among the tragic events in the mansion's past are those visited by the player during The Haunting mission:

  • In 1904, Ella, a servant, was accidentally locked in the cellar and died
  • In 1918, Johnathan Delapore killed his son, his wife, and lastly himself
  • In 1966, Billy Lee massacred members of the Solomon Island artists' commune


Main article: Lore:The Franklin Mansion

There are twelve pieces of Lore for the Franklin Mansion, all of them found in the Blue Mountain zone.


This location is included in Over the Hills achievement.