Forest God

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Forest God
Forest God.jpg
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Location: The Owl and Eagle
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

He is a deer-headed forest god, or maybe the forest itself. He helped Sophie find her way home when she was 4, and since then, he protects her. Due to the recent events, he spends most of his time in The Owl and Eagle drowning his sorrows.

Sophie calls him Cern, a diminutive for Cernunnos, one of his numerous name. Other names include Faunus, the Horned God and the Green Man.



Involved in



  • Yourself #1:
Forest God: The Lady Sophie calls me Cern in jest, but I do not have a name.
Forest God: I am Cernunnos and Faunus,
Forest God: the Horned God and the Green Man.
Forest God: I am the Sorcerer...and I am neither of them.
Forest God: I am, simply,
Forest God: of the forest and I am the forest.
  • Yourself #2:
Forest God: Without the forest and the people in it, of course,
Forest God: I am nothing.
Forest God: So I spend my days here, drowning my sorrows and my memories,
Forest God: while our lands are ravaged by abominations.
  • Yourself #3:
Forest God: Where will I go,
Forest God: what will I do, if the forest vanishes?
Forest God: Will I vanish with it, or be left to wander the bleak lands in disguise, for another thousand years,
Forest God: shamed by my failure to save my people.
  • Yourself #4:
Forest God: Then I will choose death,
Forest God: if I can die.
Forest God: And if not, I shall choose exile to another world beyond this one,
Forest God: where none may know my shame.


  • Sophie #1:
Forest God: The Lady Sophie came to my forest when she was a child,
Forest God: uninvited.
Forest God: She stepped into places protected by Law,
Forest God: and she was in danger,
Forest God: but I came to her and I offered her my protection.
Forest God: Only after did I realise that she did not need it.
Forest God: She belonged there, by Law, in the forest.
  • Sophie #2:
Forest God: I do not think she believes it herself, though I try to tell her that she is...different.
Forest God: She's not only human.
Forest God: She has other blood in her, stranger and older blood,
Forest God: of tribes that have left these earthly forests for other places, far away.
  • Sophie #3:
Forest God: Gods themselves, of sorts.
Forest God: What you may call faeries, yes, but not the ones you meet today,
Forest God: the ones who are able to blend in with humans.
Forest God: They were taller and fairer, the ones who walked here ages ago.
Forest God: There are few left -
Forest God: like all of us, eventually, they move on.
  • Sophie #4:
Forest God: Sophie, she is
Forest God: half this, half that, hm.
Forest God: But she will tell you her mother and father, they are both human.
Forest God: And perhaps, yes, that is so...but still.
Forest God: Still she is what she is,
Forest God: more than one of you,
Forest God: much, much more.

The forest

  • The forest #1:
Forest God: An infection steals my forest away.
Forest God: Things that grow, but not naturally.
Forest God: A cancer on the land -
Forest God: one that moves and spreads, ever further.
  • The forest #2:
Forest God: It comes from below, through water that once gave the forest life, now tainted and corrupt.
Forest God: It is...a filth
Forest God: that doesn't wash off.
Forest God: And it infects all things that live.
Forest God: I fled before ti, because I feared it;
Forest God: and I fear it, because I have never before seen it.
  • The forest #3:
Forest God: Soon, it might swallow my forest and these lands whole.
Forest God: The vampires, they serve it, but they will drown too.
Forest God: They are stupid and do not see farther than their next mouthful of blood.
Forest God: I have failed in protecting my land and my people...
Forest God: but will it matter?
Forest God: Soon, the sun itself will go black and then nothing can save my land - or yours.

The Secret World

  • The Secret World #1:
Forest God: Should you ask me how long I have been here, I cannot answer.
Forest God: Perhaps for all time,
Forest God: perhaps a thousand years, or a hundred -
Forest God: but no, longer than that, I think,
Forest God: because I...
Forest God: remember...
Forest God: many things.
  • The Secret World #2:
Forest God: I remember a...a battle,
Forest God: long ago,
Forest God: between the three
Forest God: - the Owl, the Eagle, the Dragon -
Forest God: and the mother of demons and her servants.
Forest God: I played a part in that, I think, but not an important one.
Forest God: The forest didn't remain impartial, we took sides, as we sometimes do. Hmm.
Forest God: To merely exist and observe is to be cowardly, I believe, and more dangerous than taking the wrong side.
  • The Secret World #3:
Forest God: There's been peace for a long time now.
Forest God: I know that. I am grown...weak.
Forest God: Or, at least, weakened.
Forest God: We have allowed our forest to fall into a slumber when we should have stayed awake and alert.
Forest God: Maybe things would have been different.
Forest God: Maybe we would have sensed her return.
  • The Secret World #4:
Forest God: She is back,
Forest God: I feel her.
Forest God: The mother of demons. The queen of vampires.
Forest God: And she hates us all with a burning passion.
Forest God: She wants us all destroyed.
Forest God: For what reason?
Forest God: That I do not know.


  • Humans #1:
Forest God: The unclean ones, the vampires, werewolves, ghouls...
Forest God: they are dangerous to us, yes, but them we can smell.
Forest God: The others - the human ones -
Forest God: they are harder to see.
  • Humans #2:
Forest God: They have taken this opportunity to hunt us and butcher the children of the forest.
Forest God: They are human, yes, but they do not recognise any law,
Forest God: and they are untouched by any humanity.
Forest God: So how do we reason with them?
Forest God: How do we plead our case?
  • Humans #3:
Forest God: We can only fight back,
Forest God: but few of us are able to, or know how to.
Forest God: And every day, there are less of us.