Flagellatrix Superior

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Flagellatrix Superior
Flagellatrix Superior.png
Type: Hellspawn
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
Level: {{{level}}}
Damage Type: No Data
HP: Elite:129,500
XP Awarded: Elite:?
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Hell Eternal
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
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Flagellatrix Superior is the fourth boss encounter in the Hell Eternal dungeons. She will also have three Piston Predator in this room along with her.

Special Abilities


There is two ways to go about this fight. If you've been handling the previous ones very easily, just wail on her and ignore the adds. Let the tank pick up their aggro and ignore them until you've killed the Flagellatrix.

However, if you you're a level-appropriate group, you're not expected to be able to handle all 4 at once. You're trying to kill her, while keeping out of sight of patrolling Piston Predator, and getting her away from them whenever she calls them.

  • Wait until the Piston Predator move away from her before engaging her
  • As soon as you're clear, jump her and go all out.
  • The tank should very slowly be working her backwards and to the left.
  • As soon as she casts Vigil she will summon the Piston Predator to her location. At that point, quickly move her clockwise around the building you were slowly circling. Goal is to stop on the west-most point of that building without the Piston Predator spotting you.
  • Continue to try to burn her down until she casts Vigil again.
  • This time, move her northwards to the left/west side of the next building.
  • Continue fighting until she casts Vigil a third time (if she's still alive)
  • Move her clockwise around your current building into the north-east corner of the encounter room

Loot Table

1x from the following:

Possibility for: