Fitted cap/tsw

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Fitted cap/tsw
Fitted cap, black, female, side.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Hat
Source: Women's Headwear
Price: 100000 Pax Romana

The 'Fitted cap is a generic "baseball cap", without any logos on it.

In all colors, the piping and stitching is white. Note that for some reason, this item seems very sensitive to lighting conditions and color will change greatly depending on lighting.

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The Fitted cap/tsw are available in the following colors

  • Black - Sometimes appears black, sometimes a dark grey
  • Blue - Can vary depending on the lighting between a bright medium blue to a dark denim
  • Green - Almost appears olive green in the best of lighting, typically appears a greyish color
  • Purple - Even in the best of lighting, it barely manages a pale lavender, it is typically a light grey
  • Red - One of the few options that does not change much in lighting, always a bright red
  • Yellow - They other option that doesn't change much, always a bright yellow


Black Blue
Fitted cap, black, female.png Fitted cap, blue, female.png
Green Purple
Fitted cap, green, female.png Fitted cap, purple, female.png
Red Yellow
Fitted cap, red, female.png Fitted cap, yellow, female.png

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