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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

Fists/tsw are one of the weapon-based skill sets in the Melee skill wheel. Fist weapons appear most often as Claw style weapons attached to a player's hands. Fist abilities have many Burst and Focus style attacks, and often provide special Savage Sweep and Feral Regrowth effects. Fist users can fill damage and healing roles.


Main article: Skills

Fists skills are divided into damage and healing aspects.

  • Damage: Follow up - Increases the damage and healing done by your Savage Sweep and Feral Regrowth. (5% at 1 skill point)
  • Healing: Warmth - Your Fist healing abilities cause the target to receive additional healing for all sources. The effect can stack up to 5 times. (0.66% per stack at 1 skill point)


Main article: Ability

All Active Abilities require a fist weapon in order to function. Passive Skills do not require a weapon, but some Passive Abilities modify a specific Active Ability that may require one.

As with all Abilities, the player can only use one Elite Active Ability and one Elite Passive Ability at any one time.

A list of Fists abilities can be found here


Main article: Weapons

All active skills here require the use of an ability specific-type weapon. Passive skills do not require a weapon, but some passives modify a specific active skill, which in turn requires the use of a specific weapon.

More specific information on Shotgun weapons can be found here


Main article: Deck

The following are decks which incorporate Fist weapons into their build, and the 'role' they serve.

  • Chaos Theorist -- [Dragon] DPS focusing on range management, AoE attacks and impairment.
  • Executioner -- [Templar] Melee DPS using burst cascades, crowd control and fast movement.
  • Exorcist -- [Templar] Healer using protective barriers and rapid resource recovery.
  • Fixer -- [Illuminati] Ranged/Melee DPS using Burst attacks. Switches between Ranged AoE and Single-Target attacks as needed.
  • Monk -- [Dragon] Healing and Support deck, using Reactive Heals, Leeching, and Healing-over-Time.
  • Thaumaturge -- [Illuminati] Melee/Range DPS the uses damage over time and penetration effects.
  • Wu -- [Dragon] Melee/Range DPS using many damage over time effects.


  • Unlock all inner-circle Fist abilities.

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