Fire to Fire, Dust to Dust

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Fire to Fire, Dust to Dust is a special ability used by some Wraith, specifically Pyrotic Invader, as well as the Jinn Mephistopheles.

  • Icon: None, there is a casting bar and white-line ground effects while being cast.
  • Effects:
    • Creates a targeted AoE that will follow the player even while they are running, but the effect will stay in place once it lands.
    • Leaves a permanent ground effect that does damage every second to all targets within its area of effect.
    • The monster is able to cast three of these target areas per casting of this ability.
    • Will also heal the monster every second that it stands in the area of effect.
    • Damage Type: Damage
    • Damage Amount:
    • Healing Amount:
  • Duration: Ground effect lasts approximately 10 seconds. For Mephistopheles, it persists throughout the entirety of the fight.