Filth Exposure (Monster Ability)

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the ability used by the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen. For the Status Effect, see Filth Exposure.

This is a special attack used by some The Filth infected creatures. It shares the same name as Filth Exposure, but its mechanics are completely different.

  • Icon: None. There is a circular white-line ground-effect while casting
  • Effect: Circular TAoE attack that will center on one player and follow them even if they try to run out of it. There is no way to avoid it for the player it was cast on. Nearby players may also be caught in the area of effect. Players caught in the area of effect will take damage and be knocked back.
    • Damage type: Physical
    • Damage amount: ~550 HP
  • Duration: Instant