Feigr Broodwitch

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Feigr Broodwitch
Feigr Broodwitch.jpg
Type: Draug
Difficulty Rating: Normal
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Damage Type: No Data
HP: 2,262
XP Awarded: 553
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Location: Fletcher Bay
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


Feigr Broodwitch is a Draugh Broodwitch variant for the Feigr clann of Draug.

Some variety appear to be merely discolored naked human females, while others have 4 tentacles growing out of their back. Both types seem to have the same abilities, so it is unsure if there is anything to differentiate one from the other beyond just their appearance.

Special Abilities

Turns Drowned Mariners into Incubators

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