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Halloween - Exclusive Faction Prizes

Jade Mouser.jpg

All who take part in this special Halloween event will be rewarded and can earn unique costumes and pets, but you can get your hands on even more prizes as The Secret Societies themselves will face off in a competition for Halloween dominance.

This contest takes part across all dimensions and the Secret Society which member’s are the most active will win unique prizes. All who take part on the winning team will be rewarded with the exclusive Jade Mouser pet cat and their Secret Society will get ‘eternal gratitude of all catkind’, which will add a permanent feature to their Headquarters. (Read More]

State of the Game with Joel Bylos


Are you sitting down? Comfortable? Good. Let’s talk about our game.

I say our game because once an MMO goes live it is no longer a collection of ideas, features and dreams in the heads of a group of developers, but rather a living, breathing thing. It belongs as much to the players as the designers. It becomes, in essence, a collaborative project.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Joel Bylos and I recently stepped into the new position as Game Director on ‘The Secret World’. For the past two years I have been the Lead Content Designer for the game, and my primary responsibility was to lead the team who developed content such as ... (Read More]

The Cat God now Live!

Tsw issue3.jpg

The Halloween event will run through the end of October and into the first week of November, so there'll be plenty of opportunities to take on the challenge and learn what's behind this new, dark threat to The Secret World. The event and the Cat God himself will make their appearance in October as we are getting closer to Halloween, so look forward to a phone call from an old acquaintance to set you off.

Halloween will offer several missions which set off a brand new storyline and a brand new villain, both of which we'll get back to further down the road. In addition to fresh content, such as new locations and monsters, our Halloween event also brings with it tricks, treats, cool new costumes and special pets. (Read More]


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