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For a fistful of zombies

Jack Boone.jpg

For a fistful of zombies, a brief look at one of the first player missions. Jack Boone, camping, zombies, fire... what more do you need? Read more.

Featured Article

Week of the Illuminati


Pondering upon the New World faction that is the Illuminati? Meet the mysterious woman who may recruit you and take a sneak peek at the long-term planning of the Illuminati. Get a glimpse of their headquarters and read about tasks that agents are sent on and what their actual worth is, read more....

Featured Article

Blue Mountain revealed

Franklin Mansion spectre.jpg

"You wouldn't know it from the way people talk but Solomon Island is a lot more than Kingsmouth Town..." Blue Mountain, out on the west side of the island, has history going back a thousand years; Wabanaki tribal grounds, Viking landings, unfinished casinos, and rock quarries. Read more and watch the trailer.


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