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Faust Capital
Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: Tokyo

Faust Capital (slogan: "It's in the Details") is one of the eight subsidiaries of the Orochi Group. They focus on banking, investment, and trading on an international scale. [1] Orochi's media wing is credited with burying news of a self-defenestrated top Faust executive found with charts outlining geomancy and the mystical flow of fortune tattooed to his chest. [2]


Johann Georg Faust was at least one travelling alchemist/astrologer/magician/mountebank living in present-day Germany from the late 1400s through his circa-1540 demise, quickly immortalized in folklore and in art (including notable works by Marlowe, Goethe, Berlioz, and Swankmajer) as the doomed signer of a contract with the Devil through a demonic intermediary named Mephistopheles. In-game, Faust Capital's Kaidan offices feature a Mephistopheles who is a djinn, not a demon, but does, like his namesake, report directly to Samael Chandra. In dialogue he wistfully remembers warning Faust away from making a deal that was inadvisable "in the face of eternity," a mistake which the player, he suggests, has also made.

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