Fata Padurii

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the class of monster known as "Fata Padurii". For the individual mob with this name see, see Fata Padǔrii.

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The Fata Padǔrii are forest spirits that can be found in the The Shadowy Forest.

Literally translated, "Fata Padǔrii" is Romanian for "Forest Girl". It is uncertain if they are daughters of Mama Padǔrii, the results of the children kidnapped by Mama Padǔrii, or some creature that is similar but separate from Mama Padǔrii.

They appear as large almost tree-like creatures, walking on multiple legs.


The Fata Padǔrii will typically have one or two Spirits associated with them. These spirits provide protection to the Fata Padǔrii, and in turn are themselves immune to damage while attached to a Fata Padǔrii. The only way to separate them is to use something to Hinder the spirits, and then lead the Fata Padǔrii away from them while the spirit cannot move.



Monster - Fata Paduri
Name Objective
Charmed, I'm Sure Kill 10 Fata Paduri
Feminine Wiles Kill 25 Fata Paduri
Lady Killer Kill 50 Fata Paduri
Romeo Kill 100 Fata Paduri
Cassanova Kill 500 Fata Paduri
Don Juan Kill 1,000 Fata Paduri
Lothario Kill 5,000 Fata Paduri
Prince Charming Kill 10,000 Fata Paduri



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