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Welcome to the "how can CGN help support your Alternate Reality Game?" page. Here at CGN we support fan-generated endeavors, given that we are one ourselves. In order for CGN to allow postings about your, un-official, ARG involving The Secret World you must do the following:

  1. Contact an administrator. If we don't know it's happening related pages will, with some regret, be taken down.
  2. You must have an end. Open ended content that our users pour hours and hours of work into - only for you, the creator, to fall off the edge of the world... That's a no go.
  3. Mind your manners. Your ARG should not attack a real player (unless there is permission and we've CONFIMED THIS) or a real cabal. We'd also like you to avoid actions that may introduce other words like racism, misogynist, and bigotry.
  4. If the community does not update the wiki page about your ARG, you should be able to provide someone willing to do the work. That person does NOT need to know how to do it, just be willing to learn.

I'm sure there are more to come but we'll start here.