Failed Experiment AZ066

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Failed Experiment AZ066
Type: Filth-corrupted Creature
Difficulty Rating: Swarm
Level: {{{level}}}
Damage Type: No Data
HP: 12
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Location: Orochi Research Base
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW

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Experiment AZ066 is one of Dr Shirui's failed experiments with trying to use The Filth to create super-soldiers. The AZ066 experiments are a case of extreme failure.

According to Dr Shirui's research notes [1], this experiment suffered weakened bone structure, weakened immune system, and a low life expectancy.

In appearance and abilities, it looks like a partially crippled, hunched over, human who has been infected with the filth. There were apparently two subjects for this experiment and they will both be found together behind the Orochi Research Base tent.

Special Abilities

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