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TSWicon.png This page is specific to The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, see the faction specific article pages

For each playable Faction (currently The Dragon, Illuminati, and Templars) characters are able to progress with their standing within their faction. Your standing with your faction, is known as your Faction Rank.

Each rank has a minimum Experience point level that you must achieve before being granted it. These use the same Experience bar as is used for gaining Ability Points and Skill Points.

Each rank grants you a new icon that is displayed next to your name when you are viewed by other players. Most of them also have some other reward associated with them (access to a faction-specific vendor for example). And, some of them give you an upgraded version of your faction uniform.

Faction Icon Requirements
Rank Dragon Illuminati Templar Experience Mission Reward Notes
1 Dragon rank 1.png Illuminati rank 1.png Templar rank 1.png None Dragon: The Butterfly Effect
Illuminati: No Sleep till Brooklyn
Templar: London Calling
Starting rank
2 Dragon rank 2.png Illuminati rank 2.png Templar rank 2.png 1,500,000 XP
  • Unknown XP
  • Mobility Training Authorization
Allows you to buy Rank 1 of Sprinting
3 Dragon rank 3.png Illuminati rank 3.png Templar rank 3.png Dragon: Into Darkness (Dragon)
Illuminati: Into Darkness (Illuminati)
Templar: Into Darkness (Templar)
First Pattern for Dragon,
Junior Agent for Illuminati,
Enlisted Order for Templar
4 Dragon rank 4.png Illuminati rank 4.png Templar rank 4.png
  • Unknown XP
  • Mobility Privilege Escalation
Allows you to buy Rank 2 of Sprinting
5 Dragon rank 5.png Illuminati rank 5.png Templar rank 5.png
  • Unknown XP
  • Explosive Specialist Authorization
You can now buy some items from your faction's Explosive Specialist
6 Dragon rank 6.png Illuminati rank 6.png Templar rank 6.png 4,125,000
  • Unknown XP
  • Sabotoge Specialist Authorization
You can now buy items from your faction's Sabotage Specialist
7 Dragon rank 7.png Illuminati rank 7.png Templar rank 7.png 4,400,000 Dragon: Rogue Agent (Dragon)
Illuminati: Rogue Agent (Illuminati)
Templar: To Catch a Thief
Second Pattern for Dragon,
Senior Agent for Illuminati,
Honoured Order for Templar
8 Dragon rank 8.png Illuminati rank 8.png Templar rank 8.png
  • Unknown XP
  • Mobility Privilege Escalation
Allows you to buy Rank 3 of Sprinting
9 Dragon rank 9.png Illuminati rank 9.png Templar rank 9.png Third Pattern for Dragon,
Illuminated for Illuminati,
Gilded Order for Templar
10 Dragon rank 10.png Illuminati rank 10.png Templar rank 10.png 8,925,000 Dragon: London Underground (Dragon)
Illuminati: London Underground (Illuminati)
Templar: London Underground (Templar)
  • 15,500 XP
11 Dragon rank 11.png Illuminati rank 11.png Templar rank 11.png
  • 20,125 XP
  • Explosive Specialist Privilege Escalation
  • Fourth Faction Outfit
12 Dragon rank 12.png Illuminati rank 12.png Templar rank 12.png
  • 20,125 XP
  • Fifth Faction Outfit
Pattern Imago for Dragon,
Chief Agent for Illuminati,
Knightly Order for Templar
13 Dragon rank 13.png Illuminati rank 13.png Templar rank 13.png
  • 20,125 XP
  • Vault Data Access Authorization
Unknown/Not-in-game feature