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Weapon BM
Cell Sacred
Cost 4 AP
Category Focus
Type Active
Target Single
Cast Time (s) 2.5
Recharge (s) Instant
Consumes 5 resources
Sets State Afflicted
Exploits State Impaired
Improvement Abilities Thicker Than Water, Focus Passives, Afflicted Passives
Included in Deck Preacher, Assassin, Neoshaman

Note: Damage and Healing amounts listed are base amounts on a new character and will be modified by item ratings.

Tips and Tactics

  • Listed damage amounts for Focus abilities are applied every 'tick' of its channel.
  • Exsanguinate has great synergy with the resource builder Bloodline and the Blades passives Finish the Movement, which adds an extra resource upon finishing a Focus ability's channel. Two uses of Bloodline will bring you to 4 blood resources, and as Blood Magic allows you to use abilities with less than the needed resources, you can start Exsanguinate then and it will grant a 5th resource as it finishes, consume them all, and not feed from your health. 2x Bloodline, 1x Exsanguniate!