Evolution of the Species

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Evolution of the Species
MissionTitle EvolutionOfTheSpecies.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Start Location: New Colony Span Bridge
Start Coords: (380,980)
Given by: Harrison Blake
Type: Action
Recommended Level: 13
Reward: 3,667 Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

The draug are adapting to the conditions around them, learning how to use advanced technology for their own primitive purposes. This situation's not good for anyone.

Journal Entries

Mission Action.png Evolution of the Species       Main Mission
REPEATABLE (Recommended Level 13)
The draug are adapting to the conditions around them, learning how to use advanced technology for their own primitive purposes. This situation's not good for anyone.
Tier 1
Ann and Harrison have placed defence barricades around their position, but the draug are attacking them, ripping the technology from the barriers and stealing away with it. Defend the defensive barricades.
  • Get to the defence perimeter
  • Defend the perimeter
Tier 2
What's left of the perimeter is secure, but the draug have gotten away with bits and pieces. Venture out on the beach to locate stolen pieces of defence technology.
  • Find bits of the barricades stolen by draug
  • Destroy the stolen pieces of technology (0/5)
Tier 3
The stolen pieces were gathered around clusters of draug pods, protecting the clusters. With the defensive measures neutralized, the clusters are vulnerable. Look for a way to destroy the clusters.
  • Collect an empty gas can
  • Collect a hose
  • Collect a funnel
  • Siphon gas from an abandoned car
Tier 4
Use the materials gathered to set fire to an unprotected pod cluster
  • Burn a pod cluster
  • Kill the Folr Warmonger


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

  • Get to the defence perimeter
    • Some high-tech looking barricades just off the side of the road, across from the helicopter
  • Defend the perimeter
    • Defeat the attacking draug before they can destroy the barricades

Tier 2/4

  • Find bits of the barricades stolen by draug
    • They're located around the pod clusters, there is one batch near (446,948)
  • Destroy the stolen pieces of technology (0/5)
    • They can be targeted and attacked just like any enemy

Tier 3/4

TIP The objectives for this tier can be done in any order.

  • Collect a hose
  • Collect an empty gas can
  • Collect a funnel
    • At the pumpkin stand on the roadside, near (421,840)

Tier 4/4

  • Siphon gas from an abandoned car
    • Interact with the gas lid on the truck near pumpkin stand at (422,836)
  • Burn a pod cluster
    • Any pod cluster on beach will do.
    • Look for the white [ ] brackets, and use that to burn the pod cluster. The brackets are typically half-buried, and so are often hard to see.
  • Kill the Folr Warmonger
    • He'll emerge from the pod cluster when you set it on fire


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Evolution of the Species
Until now, our great advantage over the draug has been their discomfort on land. However, they are adapting quickly.

The draug are not only taking land-based technology from the Orochi Group, but tactics as well. We must now interrogate the sophistication of these tactics: the Orochi Group are blocking access to New Colony Span Bridge; the draug, to large varieties of pod clusters. One is tempted to conclude that these things are then of utmost importance.

But one must not take for granted the power of misdirection. In their place, it is certainly what we would do.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Evolution of the Species
I'm less than thrilled. The draug are taking material and tactical inspiration from the Orochi Group. If only they had mimicked the Templars, or even the Dragon, we would have an exploitable level of incompetence to work with.

For now, the draug capacity to appropriate Orochi defense tactics is crude, but think of the implications: a race of draug that learns to harness the power of red tape. Terrifying.

Unsurprisingly, they're protecting the larger varieties of pod clusters. Well in control of the shoreline, they've moved into phase two of their breeding operation.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Evolution of the Species
The capacity of the draug to appropriate human technology and technique is alarming.

Their defence system is crude, but one shudders at the implications of the draug taking inspiration from Orochi. Soon they shall be camouflaging their objectives behind a network of puppet subsidiaries.

On a positive note, it is revelatory to see what the draug have barricaded. These giant pod clusters represent a significant advance in draug ambition and confidence. Until now, their shoreline activities were limited to breeding minor varieties of the species. We shall now be remembering that time as the good old days.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 3667
Anima Shards.png 400
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 367
Anima Shards.png + 60
Weapon Reward Bag.jpg 1 Weapon Reward Bag
XP Per Tier
  • Tier 1: 611 Exp.png
  • Tier 2: 611 Exp.png
  • Tier 3: 611 Exp.png
  • Tier 4: 1834 Exp.png



Ann Radcliffe: Hi. Hey! Hello. I know you. I mean, not you you. The collective you, whatever the collective is for superher-
Harrison Blake: (Talking on the phone) I'm starting to think they're doing this on purpose. (To Ann) Lost satellite signal again. Word is, we're not going to see any...(Noticing you) Another one of our friendly neighborhood spider-men? (To You) Welcome to the party. Dig in. There's enough cake for everyone.
Ann Radcliffe: It's not sarcasm. He isn't capable of sarcasm.
Harrison Blake: She's right. I'm Blake. This is my associate, Ms Radcliffe. We represent an...independent think-tank, working with the CDC. Troubleshooting agency, for particular kinds of trouble. Like Mount Vernon, Iowa, last summer. You didn't hear about what happened there. That's my point. We're a long-term goal oriented organisation. Our role here is to maintain a scientific overview of the situation, (looking at Ann) not to intervene... (back to you) and that's what we've been doing. Not intervening. Maintaining a scientific overview of the situation. Despite the setbacks that someone with a ...a high-risk skill set might be better aligned to deal with.
Ann Radcliffe: He means you...And I'm, um, I'm sure I didn't need to say that bit. Those things, those monsters, they're tearing up our perimeter. I mean, actually tearing it up and carrying it off. This has the potential to be bad on SO many levels.
Harrison Blake: On multiple levels.
Ann Radcliffe: A flight of superheros? A fray?
Harrison Blake: We're done here.

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