Everything is true

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Everything is true is a "teaser trailer" that contains in game scenery, monsters and many "one liners" that give some insight about the in-game lore and setting.

Teaser Video

"The Secret World - Everything is true" was released on April 7th 2011 at IGN.com.

The one liners

After 1:06 in the video it will contain a series of "one liners" that depicts possible in game events

  1. We Are In The Fourth Age
  2. Powerful Cabals Rule the World
  3. They Have Kept Us In the Dark
  4. Signals Disrupt Our Thoughts
  5. The Host Were Here Before Us
  6. They Are Still Here
  7. There is a City on the Moon
  8. Eleven Days Are Missing
  9. The Earth is Hollow
  10. The Wagtail Has Arrived
  11. There are Portals In Time and Space
  12. The Bees Are Returning
  13. The Eight Watch Over Us
  14. Solomon's Key Unleashes Hell
  15. The Tower of Babel Never Fell
  16. The Old Gods Are Awakening
  17. Atlantis Rises
  18. The Ark of the Covenant is An Engine
  19. Stonehenge is A Beacon
  20. The Fountain of Youth Is Poisoned
  21. Immortal Beings Walk the Earth
  22. The Planets Are Aligning
  23. The End of Days Are Here
  24. Everyone Must Choose a Side
  25. The Dark Places (disambiguation) Are Crawling
  26. The Filth Will Corrupt Us All
  27. The Morning Light Burns
  28. Demons March Against Us
  29. The Dreamers Whisper
  30. A Blight Befalls The Garden of Eden
  31. We Have Dug Too Deep
  32. Lilith's Children Are Unchained
  33. Pandora's Box Is Opening Up
  34. There is a Secret World
  35. Everything is True