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Event Achievements are achievements related to a specific special event, or time of the year

Repeating Events

These events occur around the same time every year. They are listed in order of the time of year they occur

Valentine's Day

Main article: Valentine's Day event

Guardians of Gaia

Main article: Anniversary Event

TSW Anniversary Event - Early July until Mid July


Main article: Samhain

Late October until Early November

Samhain 2012

Samhain 2013

Samhain 2014

Samhain 2015

Samhain 2016

Winter Holidays

Main article: Krampusnacht

Mid December until early January

Ever-Ending Days


The Manna of Saint Nicholas

The Gilded Rage

This event occurs at various times in the year and does not have a fixed date

One-Time Events

These events only occurred once, and as such you may or may not still be able to get their lore

Opening Night

Added when the Albion Ballroom theatrics were added. These achievements are still available:

The Whispering Tide

Main article: The Whispering Tide

This event was the lead-up to the introduction of the Tokyo zones. Currently, these achievements cannot be completed.

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