Enter the Filth Phase 3

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Enter the Filth Phase 3
Custodian of the Cleansing Protocol Phase 3.png
Region: Agartha
Zone: No Data
Start Location: Corrupted Agartha (Instance)
Start Coords: (558,290)
Given by: Custodian of the Cleansing Protocol
Type: Event
Reward: 299,205 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.8.4

The Third Age apparatus charged the Custodian which then blasted the Filth, causing it to shrink back from the portal. Gather allies, even more allies, enter the portal, and purge the alien sickness from its foothold.



When Zuberi first appears and summons you to the top platform:
Zuberi: Hurry. We have no time to spare.

She Who Crawls Outside Again

After the first time, any time She Who Crawls Outside spawns:
Zuberi: Be careful!

She Who Craws Outside Dead

Each time you kill She Who Crawls Outside (including the first):
Zuberi: Well done!

Heat Death

If the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen is going to cast the version of Heat Death of the Universe that covers the platform with filth:
Zuberi: Hurry! We must reach the next platform.


Once you kill the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen
Zuberi: Good. Good. But even Gaia will be tested by what is to come.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1:
    • Kill the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen


NOTE: Killing the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen awards 3 Extant Third Age Fragments and 50 Extant Third Age Slivers even if this mission is on cooldown. So, killing her and completing the mission gives both the kill loot plus the mission rewards.



The hungry lullabies in that Scandinavian monastery have gone dormant again. You ceased their feast of flesh without even setting foot there. Do you see now? Understanding opens like the hand of a vestigial limb your ancestors forgot. Warfare on three dimensions was just the tutorial for the coming battle. We stab a painting in a far away dream, to skewer the heart of the Beast at our door. Open your mind. It won't hurt a bit. That is a pleasant lie.


FUN FACT: Kirsten Geary likes fun facts. FUN FACT: Seventeen inmates at an asylum in Central Illinois simultaneously woke up from a severe and sustained night terror. Just now. Who da man? You da man. For now...



Your actions in the hollow earth echo here. The cats became calm just before you called...

R. Sonnac


There is only 1 tier to this mission.

Tier 1/1


  • Jumping off the platform, or getting knocked off by one of the Bird's abilities will transport you to the platform above the main fight. There are points in the fight where this needs to be done intentionally.
  • The majority of this fight is a simple "don't stand in the fire". Almost all of its attacks generate white-line ground effects, so just watch out for those and get out of them. The Tears of Dis can be especially dangerous as it creates multiple areas over a period of time, and the knockback if you get caught in one of them can toss you into another one.
  • Filth Exposure will only be cast very rarely, and typically only when the bird first engages - either initially or after a phase of dive bombing. This TAoE will follow the person that has been targeted. The targeted person cannot escape it. They should either stand still so others can get away from them, or run into an ares where there are no other players. Typically the targeted person trying to escape the AoE only causes them to run the AoE into other players and damage them necessarily.
  • When Heat Death of the Universe is about to be cast, the Bird will return to the center of the platform, regardless of who the tank is and what they're doing. When at the center of the platform, a swirling black mist will appear on the ground. Zuberi will yell "Hurry! We must reach the next platform" and then everyone on the main platform should run for the edges and jump off. They will be transported to the platform above, where you can look down and when it's safe. When the bird is done casting, the entire main platform will be covered in filth. The filth explosion will do approximately 16,000 HP damage to anyone on the main platform and give them multiple stacks of filth.
  • When you first engage it, it will only fight for a short time. At around 11.5M HP it will fly off. Shortly after that you will see an orange alert saying "An ally enters," and then you'll hear Zuberi yelling for you to hurry. As soon as the bird flies off, some members of the raid should run for the edge of the platform and jump off, to be transported to the upper platform. She Who Crawls Outside will be on the top platform, and it will be covered in The Filth. Zuberi will protect up to 10 members from the filth, keep them healed, and give them the Suspension of Disbelief buff, which will increase your damage by 10x. She Who Crawls Outside should be killed as quickly as possible and then the members on the upper platform can jump down to rejoin the main fight.
  • During the fight, if you hear Zuberi yell "Be Careful" - then She Who Crawls Outside is back up on the top platform again, and some raid members should go deal with her.

Other Information

  • Lore:The Whispering Tide entries #6 and #8 are located inside the instance used for this mission
  • This mission is only available when the portal is open. The portal opens every 3 hours, and remains open for 30 minutes. Attempting to enter the portal when it is closed will give you a warning saying how much longer until the portal re-openes

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