Enforcer (Deck)

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the Deck. For other uses, see Enforcer.

Enforcer (Deck)
Enforcer (Deck).jpg
Weapon 1: Shotgun
Weapon 2: Chaos Focus

The Enforcer Starter Deck is designed for crowd combat. It uses area of effect shotgun abilities to damage multiple enemies at once while relying on evade enhancing abilities to mitigate the damage.

The Enforcer uses a mix of shotgun and chaos. The shotgun abilities focus on area of effect damage, meaning the Enforcer has no problem going after multiple targets at a time. Meanwhile, chaos is used to promote evasion. This way, the Enforcer has the tools necessary to create a very bad situation without having to worry about all the consequences.


For damage, Pump Action serves as the resource builder in this deck while Both Barrels and Call for Eris serve as consumers. Additionally, you have Buckshot which receives a significant damage buff from shotgun resources without consuming them. A potential strategy would be opening with Pump Action to pull a group of enemies before popping Breaching Shot when all of your targets are in range. Be sure to use Buckshot before using Both Barrels to maximize the damage output of your ability rotation.

Illusion and Kneecapper serve as your primary defensive abilities. Use Kneecapper to keep enemies out of melee range while you blast them with your shotgun and, if they do get in range pop Illusion for a 45% evasion boost thanks to the Master of Illusions passive.

Weapons Required



  • Pump Action - [1 AP, Active, Single Attack, Cone] - Builds one resource for each weapon equipped. A Cone attack that does moderate damage to 6 enemies in a 60 degree 7 metre cone in front of the player.
  • Both Barrels - [4 AP, Active, Blast, Cone] - Consumes all Shotgun Resources. A cone Blast attack that deals a large amount of physical damage based on the number of Shotgun Resources consumed. Affects 6 targets in a 60 degree 7 metre cone in front of the player.
  • Call for Eris - [1 AP, Active, Burst, Single] - A single target chaos burst that deals a large amount of damage over multiple hits. Consumes all chaos resources.
  • Buckshot - [3 AP, Active, Single Attack, Single] - A single target attack that deals a large amount of physical damage, with a larger amount of physical damage dealt if the player has 5 Shotgun Resources on the target.
  • Illusion - [2 AP, Active, Single Attack, Single Target, Effect: Major Evade Chance] - Greatly increases your evade chance for a short time.
  • Breaching Shot - [2 AP, Active, Buff, Group] - Gives all group members a beneficial effect that increases Penetration Chance by 45% for 8 seconds. Affected group members also gain the "Depleted" effect which prevents them from gaining the "Breaching Shot" effect for 90 seconds. This ability does not trigger and is not affected by the global recharge timer.
  • Kneecapper - [7 AP, Elite Active, Single Attack, Cone] - A cone attack that deals a large amount of damage. Affects up to 10 targets in a 60 degree 9 metre cone in front of the player. Affected targets also become Hindered and their movement speed is reduced by 70% for 8 seconds.


  • Sawed Off - [1 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target, Modifies: Pump Action] - "Pump Action" will also cause affected targets to become Weakened by a single stack of the Debilitated effect, which reduces all damage dealt by 3% per stack for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times.
  • Gnosis - [1 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target] - You have a chance to deal an extra hit when successfully hitting a target in weakened state.
  • Rapid Reload - [4 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target, Modifies: Buckshot] - Reduces the activation time of "Buckshot" by 0.5 seconds.
  • Master of Illusions - [3 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target, Modifies: Illusion] - Further increases the evade chance granted by Illusion.

  • Authority - [7 AP, Elite Passive, Single Attack, Single Target, Modifies: Buff] - Your group-wide effects are 20% more effective.