End Game

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NOTE: This mission is given automatically upon completion of Black Sun, Red Sand

End Game
End Game.png
Region: Hub
Zone: Seoul
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Automatic Assignment
Type: Story
Requires: Black Sun, Red Sand
Faction: The Dragon
Reward: 337,400 Experience Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Events in Egypt have drawn to a conclusion, of sorts, raising more questions elsewhere. The Dragon will doubtless have new threads of probabilities and possibilities for you to unravel..


Tier 1, Bong Cha

Bong Cha: We believe in the providence and inevitability of change through chaos, but what we strive for isn't permanent flux.
Bong Cha: We seek order. We're not the only ones.
Bong Cha: Others are playing with models, inserting themselves into events in order to micromanage the future.
Bong Cha: Like the Orochi Group. They're a constant unknown, hard to predict, harder to manipulate.
Bong Cha: They refuse to bend to our acts of theory, no matter how direct they may be. How damaging.
Bong Cha: We disrupt the system through quiet acts of mathematical violence.
Bong Cha: They disrupt...by blowing the system to pieces.
Bong Cha: Even if we'd spent years modelling the outcome, we couldn't have predicted what was going to happen in Egypt.
Bong Cha: It may have been a warning of what's ahead.
Bong Cha: The Orochi is also a dragon, and theirs has eight heads.
Bong Cha: More heads doesn't necessarily mean more power, but they can pull many strings at once.
Bong Cha: They can disrupt on multiple levels.
Bong Cha: They're not just trying to beat us at our own game -
Bong Cha: they're trying to change the game.
Bong Cha: This game has always been ours to change. Let's keep it that way.

Tier 1, MinMaXX

The girl behind MinMaXX taps him on the shoulder as you approach
MinMaXX: It's okay, I knew they would come.
MinMaXX: Prediction is a very useful skill. And speed of 210 actions per minute.
MinMaXX: I am Min MaXX. Maybe you saw me play, ten years, top of the league.
MinMaXX: Orochi sponsorship, good sponsorship. They pay me to win. Sometimes they pay me to lose. And then...
MinMaXX: Then they say they have a new training for me. "Prometheus Initiative."
MinMaXX: All about prediction. Fast responses. Cracking codes.
MinMaXX: Soon the training becomes more important than the game. I saw the other members of my team, of other teams, all working on the training.
MinMaXX: I saw floors and floors of kids, all day, all night, training. Like a computer, a computer made of people.
MinMaXX: That's when I got out. Then the scandal, the gaming championship scandal, is blamed on me.
MinMaXX: Millions of won stolen. I am a wanted man, wanted by the police.
MinMaXX: But I am here right above the police, and nothing happens.
MinMaXX: So you want to see the place? Where Orochi takes the kids?
MinMaXX: I can show you. Now?
MinMaXX: You should get going. Game on.

Tier 3

As you move into the Orochi complex, you receive a phone call
MinMaXX: "Be like a shadow." That's what the Dragon would say, isn't it?
As you step onto the stairs, you get another phone call:
MinMaXX: The files you want are in the server room and the lab.
Another phone call as you enter the server room:
MinMaXX: High security. You can do it. It's just like a platform game.

Tier 4

As you're reading the note on the laboratory door, you get a phone call
MinMaXX: The superintendent never leaves his office. It's on the next floor above.
MinMaXX calls again as you try to enter the superintendent's office the first time
MinMaXX: You need to get everyone out. They just changed the fire alarms.

Tier 5

As you pick up the keycard, MinMaXX call you
MinMaXX: I think they called security.
After the phone call, you see the security guards scrambling and hear them talking
Superintendant: Boys, we have an intruder.
Superintendant: Start motion sensors.
Guard 1: Affirmative.
Superintendant: Start the scan.
Guard 2: Copy that.
Superintendant: Locate the intruder. Search and destroy.
Superintendant: Spread out.
After you pick up the file in the laboratory, another phone call
MinMaXX: You better leave now.

Tier 6

Kang Ye-Jin: You've seen suffering, I can tell. Me too.
Kang Ye-Jin: I know the Morninglight mislead people. I know they do worse. But it's nothing like Orochi.
Kang Ye-Jin: I've seen what they are capable of. The "test clinics" that funnel our youth...
Kang Ye-Jin: Saint Paul wrote to Timothy that suffering prepares us for salvation. We're supposed to be thankful for it.
Kang Ye-Jin: But when something hasn't finished growing yet, how can you...
Kang Ye-Jin: You have to understand, the Dragon were the only ones willing to help. I told the police about all the youth missing from the ministry. I told them they vanished! But they wouldn't listen.
Kang Ye-Jin: The authorities dismiss Morninglight and they're terrified of Orochi. Either way they do nothing.
Kang Ye-Jin: But the Dragon...opened doors. Doors I was scared to look behind. They led me to places that confirmed and...and confused everything.
Kang Ye-Jin: When I was in the temple, the promised someone would be sent to help...
Kang Ye-Jin: Something else also happened in the temple. The Dragon spoke to me.
Kang Ye-Jin: He took my hand, drew me close, and do you know what he said?
Kang Ye-Jin: "Emma wants her teddy bear."
Kang Ye-Jin: Dear God, I'm so confused.

Tier 7

As you enter the audience with the Dragon, Bong Cha is not there
The Dragon raises his hand and reaches out to you. You take his hand.
Bong Cha comes in at that moment
Bong Cha: Why were all the doors locked?
Bong Cha notices you with the Dragon
Bong Cha: What did he say to you? Did he say anything to you?
Bong Cha: The Dragon creates ripples. Every word has massive repercussions.
Bong Cha: You have no concept of the true power of the Dragon. You really don't.
Bong Cha: It's time we stepped up our game. There are simply too many unknowns, too many random factors unaccounted for.
Bong Cha: We need to bring some direction to the chaos. We need to control the storm.
Bong Cha: We need to make ourselves dangerous again.
Bong Cha: When the Dragon breathes, all others tremble, and they don't even know why.
Bong Cha: Ours it the invisible hand, wielding the poisoned knife.
Bong Cha: We're not the Templars. We don't concern ourselves with traditions or honour.
Bong Cha: We're not the Illuminati. We don't care about wealth or power.
Bong Cha: We are so much more than they are.
Bong Cha: And now this vampire crusade... This is not the cause of events, only the consequence.
Bong Cha: Something is happening in the Carpathian Fangs. Events are converging.
Bong Cha: Whether it's the work of the vampire queens ore renegade Orochi is of no concern to us.
Bong Cha: Something pulls at the fabric of the Universe. Something is shaking the foundations of the Earth.
Bong Cha: That is what we do. We take charge.
Bong Cha: Chaos theory is not simple about observation.
Bong Cha: It's about taking action, making chaos bend to our will.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Return to Seoul and the House of the Dragon to learn your society's next move
    • Speak with Bong Cha
    • Find a player of games
  • Tier 2: The pro gamer "MinMaXX" Park told you about an Orochi testing complex in the city, and agree to help you infiltrate it. Being forewarned of the Orochi Group's intentions could be useful in the future.
    • Go to the Orochi complex in Seoul
  • Tier 3: According to MinMaXX, the information you need can be found in the server room and the laboratory. Your powers are suppressed within the complex, so you'll need to work covertly.
    • Find the server room
    • Disable the security system
    • Access the computer
  • Tier 4: It seems the complex is using its "subjects" to process data from a Prometheus Initiate project in Eastern Europe. Now see what further information can be gained from the laboratory level.
  • Get the files from the laboratory
  • Steal the superintendent's keycard
  • Tier 5: The tripped fire alarm has evacuated the building, but it won't be long before Orochi corporate security lock the complex down. Find what you can and escape.
  • Steal the superintendent's keycard
  • Access the laboratory and get the file
  • Escape the complex without being caught

Tier 6: You have escaped with Park's file - pages and pages of numerical data, and references to a youth minister, Kang Ye-Jin.

  • Find Kang Ye-Jin

Tier 7: The minister was a troubled soul with a cryptic message from the Dragon himself. You should report your findings to the House of the Dragon.

  • Report to Bong Cha

Tier 8: Travel to the Besieged Farmlands in Transylvania through Agarta.

  • Travel through Agartha to the Besieged Farmlands


  • 337,400 Experience total
    • 67,480 XP per Tier for tiers 1 and 2
    • 0 XP for Tiers 3 and 4
    • 67,480 XP for Tiers 5, 6, and 7
    • 0 XP for Tier 8

There is no turn-in for this mission, and there are no pax/token/item rewards


  • None


There are 8 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/8

Tier 2/8

Tier 3/8

NOTE: Once you pass through the golden barrier, you will be notified that "Using weapons and magic is forbidden within this building". You will be given the Nullification Threshold and will not be able to use any of your weapons or abilities.
NOTE: There are Orochi Sentry Drones patrolling the building along with Orochi Workers standing around. If any of them spot you you will be knocked out and kicked back to the building entrance. The Orochi Workers have a much longer range of view than the drones
NOTE: Before you proceed, pick up the Korean won on the floor, and then head to the vending machine on the eastern wall of the lobby. Use the machine to buy a Soda. Make sure to take the Soda from the vending machine after you use the machine.
  • Find the server room
    • On the 2nd floor, through the northern door
  • Disable the security system
    • If you touch the security lasers, you'll be transported back to the start of the instance and make your way back up to the server room again
    • In the server room, in the northwest corner is a fuse box
    • You'll have to hop up and down on the servers to get to it.
      • Start with the break in the lasers in the north-eastern section and jump up on the server
      • Go south another another server and then to a second one. You'll probably want to turn sprinting off to jump onto the second one without going too far and into the laser wall.
      • Go west, down and then back up again
      • Go north until you can get to the fusebox
    • You will need the Soda from the vending machine to short out the fuse box. Use the fuse box to short it out.
  • Access the computer
    • There is a computer on the desk in the middle of the room
    • Make sure to get the Green keycard before leaving the room

Tier 4/8

  • Get the files from the laboratory
    • Go down the hallway on the 2nd floor (same floor) that goes east
    • The 2nd northern door, at (301|170), there will be a note on the door, outlined in yellow, read the note.
  • Steal the superintendent's keycard
    • Go up to the 3rd floor, the superintendent's office is the northern door on this floor, use the door to open it
  • Get the superintendent out of his office
    • Go back down to the 2nd floor, and down the west hallway.
    • Use the Green keycard on the card reader next to the first door on the right to open the storage room
    • Get the can of Zaboom! Foam cleaner
    • Go back out to the 2nd floor and down the eastern hallway
    • Go into the cafeteria, first door on the right
    • Use the microwave at (288, 149)
    • Get away from the microwave before the countdown, cutscene will play after it explodes

Tier 5/8

NOTE: This tier is timed, you have 5 minutes to complete the entire tier. You will have the Detection Countdown status effect showing you the time remaining.
NOTE: If you run out of time, or you are spotted, you are returned to the first floor entrance, but you remain on tier 5. You must return to the supervisor's office to continue the tier, but you do not need to start over again at Tier 3
  • Steal the superintendent's keycard
    • Go back up to the superintendent's office on the 3rd floor and get the Red keycard
  • Access the laboratory and get the file
    • Be very careful. There are now moving Orochi Soldiers in the corridors and rooms
    • Of special note, there is an Orochi Soldier at the end of each side corridors, as you go down the corridor he'll start running towards you, you'll need to duck into a side room to avoid them. Once he passes you can go back out into the hallway and continue
    • The laboratory is on the 2nd floor, down the eastern hallway
    • Use the File on one of the desks
  • Escape the complex without being caught
    • Back out the second floor, down the stairs to the 1st floor, and then out the same door you came in

Tier 6/8

  • Find Kang Ye-Jin
    • On the patio with the coloured light bulbs, marked on your map at (386,248)
    • Cut-scene plays

Tier 7/8

Tier 8/8

Other Information


  • "Won" is the name of Korean currency



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