Ellis Hill

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Ellis Hill
Ellis Hill.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Location: Kingsmouth Municipal Airport
Coords: (896,705)
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: [[Category:{{{type}}} Characters]][[:Category:{{{type}}} Characters|{{{type}}}]]
Voiced by: [[Marlon Young]]

Eliis Hill is the maintenance worker at the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport. During the emergency on Solomon Island he has holed up in one of the airport hangers and set out bear traps around the airport.

Spoilers for There's Something About...      
The man pretending to be Ellis Hill is actually an agent of the Phoenicians. His real name is Unknown. He was sent to Solomon Island to kill the real Ellis Hill and take over his position.[1] Exactly why the Phoenicians sent him to Solomon Island is also unknown.



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Converse Yourself

I've been up and down the coast. Up and down a whole bunch of coasts, my whole life. Lot of machine shops, engine yards. Planes. Boats. Big boats. You could say I was a born fixer, a can-do man. The bosses point me at a problem, they know it's gonna get fixed. I'll find a way. In my experience, there's nothing in the world that won't yield with the right tools applied to it. Just might be my mantra. You gotta take pleasure in what you can do, don't you agree? That's important. Identify the problem, enact the solution, and reap the rewards of a job well done. Look, I don't mean to sermonize. I'll bet people are lining up to tell you what to believe. What rules you should follow, what morality they define. But if you can't find pleasure in acting it out... Somebody with your assets, could be there's another port out there for you. Keep it in mind.

Converse Draug

Their spirit doesn't break easy, the sea-beasts. Spending more time working them over than seeing to the planes. They're about as resilient, and twice as stubborn. The sea breeds things tough, scours out weakness. That's how it works. So I really have to go to town with the power tools. But spare the rod, spoil the abomination. These birds are all grounded till the fog lifts. The radio's fritzed. I ask you, what else for a man to keep himself occupied with? Not whittling wood, not while we're under invasion. So I've been siphoning off aviation fuel, using it for Greek fire. Lit 'em up and shit, they didn't like that. No school like the old school when it comes to warfare. Extreme measures are timeless. Speaking of such, pray you're out of here before the higher powers do so unto this whole island. Oh, you don't think they have that planned? Drop the bombs and sow the salt. "An infamous land where nothing may be built for all time."

Converse The fog

This storm, everything in it, it'll pass. That's the straight truth. And you know you can believe it, because I am all about certainty. Goes with my line of work. A certain method and certain results. Nobody wants to put their life or money in the hands of a betting man. My advice - and you can take it on board or not - is to learn what you can from this. Because this is a learning experience, like a bulldog getting its first blooding. Bad times show you how far these people are willing to go. Show you a few home truths about yourself. Get ready to see a bunch of appeals to virtue overturned. Now, I won't be casting judgement on your actions. We're not so different, you and I. At the end of the day, we're fixers. We got a job to do, come hell, come high water. Come hell outta high water.


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