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The term "Elite" has three distinct definitions in the game.

  • An Elite Ability - Elite abilities are the 7th and final ability a character can purchase in each ability cell. These abilities are typically stronger than other abilities, as a reward to players for specializing in that line.
  • An Elite Dungeon - Elite dungeons are a dungeon difficulty level. Similar to DDO and some other MMO's - an "Elite" dungeon is basically the same as a normal dungeon, but with the difficulty increased. Monsters hit harder, resist more often, have more health, etc. And, as a result, also give out better treasure when killed.
  • And EliteMonster - Elite monsters are a monster difficulty rating that a monster can have, indicated by a Skull icon next to it's name. These are typically monsters that are harder than the other monsters around them. If you're appropriately geared for the area, you can probably do it solo although it may be a hard fight. Having a second player (or being over-geared) to help should make the fight fairly easy.