El Dorado

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the PvP zone named "El Dorado". For the title with the same name, see El Dorado (Title).
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El Dorado
El Dorado.jpg
Zone: El Dorado
Type: Player vs. Player

El Dorado is a Player vs. Player arena based on the legendary city of gold, the largest of the three arenas. There, the three secret societies battle with ten-man teams in a capture-the-flag style battle to control four relics.

Teams can pick up the idols and decide where they wish to defend them in the asymmetrical map, the longer the items are held, the more points accrued. A combination of defensible position combined with optimal skill selection will be the difference between victory and failure.[1]


Starting Area

A factions start in the center of the zone, underneath a 4-sided building. Upon zoning in, before the match starts, the 3 Factions are separated by barriers in the center area. The Templars face west, the Dragons face north, and the Illuminati face east. Teams have a maximum size of 10 members, although matches can start with as few as 3 on a team.

This central area is "safe" and even after the match begins players cannot attack each other in this underground starting area. Once players have gone up the stairs and left this starting area, they are blocked by barriers and prevented from returning.


There are 4 relics in the area. They always start in the same position:

  • Relic of the West - Is due west from the starting position, in the middle of a pathway, and is usually one of the first objectives of the Templars.
  • Relic of the North - Is due north from the starting position, just before an archway into another ruined area, and is usually one of the first objectives of the The Dragon
  • Relic of the East - Is due east from the starting position, at the top of some stairs, and is usually one of the first objectives of the Illuminati
  • Relic of the South - Is actually directly above the starting position, inside the same 4-sided building, but at ground level.



Once there are enough players in the zone, a 30-second countdown will be started before the beginning of the match. Once that timer expires the barriers around the starting area are dropped and players can leave the area and begin the match.

Note: Only the barriers around the starting area are dropped. The barriers between the factions sections of the starting area remain in place until the first respawn wave occurs. Players must exit the central area through their factions designated direction (west, north, east).


Picking up any of the relics gives your faction control of that relic. Holding on to it, or planting it on the ground lets you maintain control of it. While picked up you can move it, while planted you can get a buff from it. If a relic holder is killed, the relic reverts back to neutral. Picking up either a neutral relic, or a relic controlled by another faction gives your faction control of that relic.

While a player is holding on to a relic, they have the Relic Carrier debuff - which slows their runspeed and reduces the effectiveness of incoming healing.

If a relic is planted, it gives a small buff to members of the controlling faction, as long as they are within a small radius from it. Each relic gives a different buff:


If a character dies during the match, they will respawn at the next "respawn wave". A respawn wave occurs every 15 seconds, and characters will see a countdown timer while waiting. Depending on where the timer is when they die, they often have to wait much less than the full 15 seconds.

All factions will respawn at the central starting point underneath the central building where the match started.


The object of the match is to win either by having the most points at the end of the timer, or by holding all 4 relics for at least 2 consecutive minutes.

Victory by Relics

If a faction can control all 4 relics for two minutes, without losing control of any those relics within that time period, they win the match automatically. Second and Third place will be based on the remaining factions point totals.

If at any time during that two minute count down, the faction loses control of any of the relics the timer stops. If they regain all four relics again, the timer will start over at two minutes once again, regardless of how briefly it was that they lost control. This is true regardless of whether the relic went to another faction because the other faction picked it up, or if the relic went neutral because the carrier was killed.

Victory by Points

A match lasts 20 minutes, unless it is ended early by a faction holding all four relics for 2 minutes.

Every 10 seconds, the factions are granted 1 point per relic the hold. At the end of the 20 minute round, places are awarded to the factions based on their total point count. It does not matter who owns the most relics at the end, it is possible for the winning faction to have control of zero relics at the last moment but still have the most points.

In the case of a tie - Unknown


Players will also receive bags of Mayan Remains during the Krampusnacht event.