Edgar's Scrapyard

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Edgar's Scrapyard
Edgar's Scrapyard.jpg
Map Coordinates: (600,655)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Player versus environment

Edgar's Scrapyard is the local junkyard and scrap metal reseller on Solomon Island. It is owned an operated by "Scrapyard" Edgar Stone. It can be found outside of Kingsmouth town, near the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport.


"Scrapyard" Edgar Stone - along with his dogs "Tango" and "Cash"


Starts at this location

Scrapyard Edgar
width Scrapyard Defence
width Full Metal Golem
Found in the Scrapyard
width Flame Away
width It Takes Two To Tango
width Tango and Cash

Location involved in

width Dawning of an Endless Night
width ATC
width Neither Snow nor Rain nor Zombies, Part 3
width Flame Away
width The Body


  • Edgar's Scrapyard is located on Dunwich Road (Address unknown) in Kingsmouth
  • Map coordinates are (600,655)


  • This location is included in Townie exploration achievement.