Dungeon Cache

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Dungeon Caches are boxes that are found in Dungeons after defeating one of the bosses. The cache will usually be just beyond the blue wall that goes up around the boss fight, although in some instances it will be slightly further down a path. The cache will be visible to all players, even if they don't have a key to open it.

In order to open the cache and get the reward inside, you must have a Dungeon Key. There are three types of caches:

  • Bonus Cache - These can be found after the first five bosses in the dungeon, instead of a regular cache. They will be identified by a blue light shining down on them. The will contain one Weapon or Talisman plus also one Weapon Distillate or Talisman Distillate
  • Boss Cache - These are found after the 6th and final boss in the dungeon. They will have: