Duma Beach

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Duma Beach
Mound of Red Seaweed.jpg
Map Coordinates: (884,863)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Player versus environment

Duma Beach is the Kingsmouth lair, located near the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport. It is populated by Draug and zombies, which are known for their abilities to regenerate as well as ambush the party.


Duma Beach is located Northeast of the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport and can be accessed by traveling through a tunnel from the runway.

Nearest Anima Well: Kingsmouth Municipal Airport

Lair Effects

Creatures in Duma Beach have a buff that increases their Defense. Additionally, when Glanced, the monsters here will heal themselves. This makes high Hit Rating essential to effectively farming this lair.

Additionally, note that throughout the area there are nearly invisible flies hovering over the ground. If a player gets too close to these flies, they will spawn a zombie which will attack after after a short delay. The flies are very difficult to see and thus avoid, so travel as a group and move slowly to avoid surprise attacks from the rear.

Lair: Increased Defense Rating.

Trigger: When a Glancing Hit applies to the monsters, they are healed for an amount.


Starts at location

Mound of red seaweed

Lair Bosses


  • Type: Draug Warmonger
  • HP: 325K
  • Associated Mission: Unto the Beach
  • Abilities
    • Tainted Brine: Impairable persistent GTAoE which Cta-Tha will place at his feet. This effect is very large and deals a large amount of damage.
    • Barnacled: Self buff which grants Cta-Tha increased Defense for 8 seconds.
    • Call of the Huskarl: Buff with an unknown effect.
  • Notes
    • Cta-Tha's normal attack is a Cleave, so he should be tanked facing away from the group.
    • Cta-Tha will frequently use Tainted Brine immediately upon being summoned, so an impair should be ready right off and non-tanks involved in the summoning should be ready to move back from the summoning circle.


  • Type: Draug Broodmother
  • HP: 266K
  • Associated Mission: Coralations
  • Abilities
    • Empty the Cauldron: Impairable Frontal AoE which also applies afflicted state to targets it hits. Wreathmother will choose a random target in melee range to cast this ability on.
    • Very Wet Nurse: Self buff which heals Wreathmother for 3K every second for 20 seconds. This buff can be purged or partially countered by stacking Corrupted. Cast roughly every 25 seconds.
    • Red Sea: Buff that will fully heal Wreathmother after 6 seconds. The counter is reset when Wreathmother receives a Critical Hit.
  • Notes
    • In order to prevent Wreathmother from healing, the group needs to ensure regular Critical Hits and have a few purges available.
    • Ranged DPS is recommended during this fight as it simplifies dealing with Empty the Cauldron.

Head of Glamr

  • Type: Draug Lord
  • HP: 325K
  • Associated Mission: The Last Strand
  • Abilities
    • Strong Pulse Wave: Impairable PBAoE that can be interrupted.
    • Blood in the Water: Self buff with an unknown effect. 10 second duration. This can be ignored.
    • Rogue Wave: Buff that increases the range of the boss's normal chain attack as well as Strong Pulse Wave.
  • Notes
    • Head of Glamr's basic attack is a chain, so the tank should stand away from the rest of the group to avoid problems.


  • Duma Beach is located past the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport.
  • Map coordinates are (884,863)


This location is not included in any current in-game achievements.