Dreaming Ones

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Dreaming Ones
Type: Non-player Character

One of the dreamers (referred to as The Dreamer) seems to be the imprisoned voice demanding the player help free it over the course of three The Dreaming "ice cave" instances at the end of each of the main story missions.

In Black Sun, Red Sand mission Khalid El Sayad says of the mind-controlled Atenists "Their eyes mad, their skin ashen, their minds clouded; they are in the grip of the Dreamers. They are no longer human." Infection with The Filth, which is repeatedly described as being composed of dreams or of "anti-dreams", seems therefore to equal control by the dreamers.

In Filth Lore 12 the bees state: "But the Filth is only the transmitted, not the transmitter - the excremental shadow of something else. What dreamt it? What stirs and sputters and lurks, as big as planets, in the infinite shade between cancer cells? Have you seen them, Sweetling? Have they noticed you noticing them? Once you see the hungry sky, it sees you. All futures point to a stratosphere of tentacles." It is elsewhere suggested that Odin and the other gods are lost in honey dreaming, and the white place with gold hexagons passed through in the final Issue 7 quest I Walk Into Empty seems to be a dreaming as well. In that episode, after battling the Filth (who she tells "You eat stars"), Emma says to the player "the lullaby must never end. If the dreamers wake, all that is ... won't."