Dr Shirui

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Dr Shirui
Dr Shirui.png
Type: Filth-corrupted Creature
Difficulty Rating: Swarm
Level: {{{level}}}
Rarity: Mission monster
Damage Type: No Data
HP: 2,807
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Map Co-ords: (261,765)
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


Dr Shirui was one of the lead scientists at the Orochi Group research base in the Scorched Desert that was investigating The Ankh as well as effects of the The Filth.

At some point, he became contaminated and infected with the The Filth and eventually started infecting human subjects as part of his experiments, including the other researchers at the base.

NOTE: For some reason Dr Sirui conns as a Swarm type of monster. Perhaps because he is always accompanied by Experiment SB118. But, Experiment SB118 conns as a normal monster, so perhaps this is an error. Either way, he is an appropriate difficulty for a single monster in this area and so should not be considered as weak as most individual swarm monsters are.

Special Abilities

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