Dr Aldini

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Dr Aldini
Dr Aldini.jpg
Region: Hub
Zone: New York
Location: The Modern Prometheus
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

Dr Anton Aldini is a surgeon who offers esthetic surgery to the secret worlders who can afford it.

He has set up a clinic (unlicensed) in New York knows as The Modern Prometheus along with his Selma and another, unnamed, nurse

From some of his dialogue he appears to be from either Sweden or Finland - when excited, Swedish words slip in.





  • Yourself #1
Dr Aldini: Giovanni Aldini, my great-great-great-great grandfather was the inspiration for Dr Frankenstein. Mary Shelley, that thieving little bitch, never gave credit where credit is due. Hew wretched, tawdry book was based on private conversations she had with Giovanni Aldini at Lake Garda.
  • Yourself #2
Dr Aldini: I have sworn to continue his life's work to bring pride once more to the Aldini name. And this, my surgery - this is just the beginning. Tinkering with live flesh is just a side project, a hobby. It's a way to finance my true undertaking. You...you...you, you're so lucky to be here at the birth of a new science. A new breed of humanity born out of these hands. It's the hands of a true artist.

This place

  • This Place #1
Dr Aldini: Look around, look around, look at all this. This was a filthy abattoir. Hard to believe, isn't it? Now, Selma has done wonders to this place. She has the heart of an interior decorator and the mind of a dominatrix. Oh, she's also a trained nurse; not that your hospitals would recognize her credentials. The bureaucracy and politics of the medical establishment is the antithesis to progress.
  • This Place #2
Dr Aldini: This is why we have built our own clinic. Who needs a medical license when you can cater to sophisticated clientele such as you and your kind. A clientele that appreciates artistry and is willing to, lets call it, bypass traditional channels for the sake of beauty and perfection. For the sake of science and progress!
  • This Place #3
Dr Aldini: Here we can explore the outer limits of science and we can cross ethical and moral boundaries. And we can make art. Art carved in flesh.

Your services

  • Your Services #1
Dr Aldini: Listen, I can remake you. Those lips, that nose, the colour of your eyes, the wrinkles and imperfections in your skin. It's all malleable. It's all a canvas for my science, my art.
  • Your Services #2
Dr Aldini: For a nominal fee, a token charge, you can let me sculpt your flesh, shape your bones, paint you with a brush dipped in blood and tissue.
  • Your Services #3
Dr Aldini: Anything you want changed, I can change! It's true! Everything except your sex. I can't do that...yet. But I am working on it. It's only a matter of time. Gender is an illusion. A thing of flesh and thought quickly altered through paraplasticism. You can come back anytime. My scalpel will be waiting for you.


  • The voice actor for Dr Aldini is Peter Stormare
  • The character's name is a reference to Giovanni Aldini, the real-life Frankenstein. [1]