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This is the sixth mission presented on the initial terminal as part of the Division-66 ARG.

Mission 6 should open on 2014-04-02 at 13:00 EDT


On 2014-03-31 the following twitter messages were sent from Division-66:

  • Division 42 needs one agent on ground: April 2nd @ thirteen hundred hour, Montreal central station gate 15. Details to follow shortly. link
  • Part of the mission need to be hand over physically. Agent need to be available until mission end. link
  • They will have protective escort, safe house support max 2 agents... Will relay when more information come link
  • This is an important decision, you should talk amongst yourselves WHO you sent and with what gear he have. This is the final mission. Think link

After a discussion on the IRC channel (https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/division66) it was decided that Agent aberrantArbiter would represent the community.

The following was posted to google documents (http://t.co/w5W7jePBTo), which is apparently the instructions Division-66 send to aberrantArbiter:

We will wire you 750$ to help you cover some expenses you incur during for this mission.
You will also have to sign a general waiver if anything should happen to you.
You are responsible to have the necessary clearance with the Canadian authorities to enter the country. Do not bring any firearms or weapon, we will be able to supply you if needed on site.
If you don't have a nexus clearance, don't forget to calculate a good hour for the border control.
Sometimes you can be lucky but since YUL airport closed around midnight and no landing are authorized until 6AM, it create some important rush hours.

The meeting will happen with Captain William Patrick. He will hand over sensitive documents. The location is Montreal Train Station, Gate 15
Time is 13:00 local time on the 2nd of April

You have two army personnels with one of them having a black suitcase handcuff to his hand, I think it will be really hard to miss.

From there, he will escort you through Montreal underground city

You will exit at an undisclosed location to board a SUV. At that point Captain William will leave you with your personal escort.
This soldier is available to help you with all the technical details, food and stuff
But does not have the required clearance level to talk or help you with your mission.

You will be escorted to a safehouse, and empty house located at 1091 ave beatty. The house is vacant and is fake as being sold under Sotheby's.

The house is highly secure and under heavy surveillance.
Once there, you will head to the basement where a computer will wait for you and you will be able to start working on the document.
You will be provided with 2 computers in the Safehouse. (not counting the streaming one)
And Internet connection will let you work with other agent via the IRC channel.
A webcam will also stream the basement on Ustream, so you can also use the help off this channel out there.

As per your mission, starting from 13:00, you will have until midnight to solved it. After that, the mission will be consider failed and you won't be able to solve it anymore.

The mission is related to the 4 rupture sites found on the FSB servers and the two we have on our side.
You need to identify if our sites were already known by the russians and where are the two other sites.
Knowledge of french is not required but russian is good to know

Once your mission completed, you will be escorted back to montreal downtown and drop off corner of Peel and St-Catherine

From there you can take a cab to your way back.

The ustream mentioned can be found in either of these locations:


Clicking on the mission opened up a window that was a "briefing". The briefing is a woman's voice reading a string of numbers with someone else talking in the background.

1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
104 116 116 112 58 47 47 119 


The mission parameters are:

Difficulty Level: Hell

Begin transmission 
Missing too much information. Investigate the timeline. Go back to the origins
End transmission

You can click on the image next to the transmission to get a closer look at the picture.


Additionally, Agent Rahkiel (aberrantArbiter on IRC) was onsite in the safe house. Inside his briefcase was files for 40 patient cases. A full copy of the patient cases have been rolled into a .pdf file and made available on a dropbox site by Division-66 - Patient-Case-Rupture-Site.pdf


Because this puzzle can no longer be solved this is presented as a walkthrough with no spoiler tags.

The decimal code given in the briefing translated to "http://w"
However, because there is no ending 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5 it is assumed to be a partial transcript and the remainder must be found elsewhere.
Mission Image
The image was identified as the Douglas Mental Health University Institute (Satellite View)
The hospital is very close to the safehouse that aberrantArbiter is in (Directions Map)
aberrantArbiter has the safehouse guards take him to the parking lot for the hospital, where the blue square was on the mission map. Along with n1nj4j0 who met him there, they found a pen which had some paper inside of it. That paper read:
46 99 111 109 47 97 114 99 104 105 118 101 47
Which translated to ".com/archive/" - which looked like the ending of the URL started by the mission briefing
Patient Files
Most of the patient files were very similar, however the file for [Michael Ashford] stood out as being the only one with extra notes written on it.
One of the notes read:
119 119 46 100 105 118 105 115 105 111 110 45 54 54
which translated to "ww.division-66" - which looked like the middle part of the URL started by the mission briefing
Another note read:
#Ref Patient Alpha? 438 777 3994
438 is the area code for Montreal, where the safehouse and hospital are located. Dialing that number, gave a voicemail system with a pre-recorded message that said:
Start matching. Retrieve file bicomplex boite vocale de David Lamarche
boite vocale = French for "Voice mail", and the rest of the message was the announcer for the mail system stating that the mailbox was full
Archive Page
Putting the decoded clues together gave http://division-66.com/archive/
1st File
Using the "load" command on the archive page along with "bicomplex" from the voicemail gave:
>load bicomplex
That command redirected the browser to http://www.division-66.com/archive/vault/52f871d37d3c49199a57af526c13870c.jpg
2nd File
The image was recognized as a cropping of This Poster, on which the name of the ship can be read as "Mendoza", a troop carrier ship that was sunk in 1942 by a German torpedo
The Mendoza was owned by the French company "Société Générale de Transport Maritime (SGTM)". They also owned another ship, the "SS Mont-Blanc" that was carrying explosives when it crashed into another ship and blew up in 1917.
>load ss mont-blanc
That command redirected the browser to http://www.division-66.com/archive/vault/1316e24fc35c4ba7aa9548c8bf376e16.jpg
Division-66-6-ss mont-blanc.jpg
3rd File
The binary on that page read:
01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 00111010 00101111 00101111 01100001 01110101 01100100 01101001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 00101111 01110100 01100110 00110011 00110101 01101010 01100100 01110011 00110000
Which translated to : http://audiour.com/tf35jds0
Listening to the audio on that page, led to a transcript of the last few seconds of United Airlines Flight 232 (Transcript)
>load united 232
That command redirected the browser to http://www.division-66.com/archive/vault/9109bc7944674164816b73ef14eac1c2.jpg
Division-66-6-united 232.jpg
4th File
Looking at the image, and then searching for "lake", "volcano", and "disaster"
Lake Toba Catastrophe
>load lake toba
That command redirected the browser to http://www.division-66.com/archive/vault/8508209a0cda43b59150450d0eb01f63.jpg
Division-66-6-lake toba.jpg
5th File
A reverse search on that image brought up the Hindenburg Crash
> load hindenburg
That command redirected the browser to http://www.division-66.com/archive/vault/a5c515a82ba540c6ace14ff1f38e268a.jpg
6th File
Zooming in on the area marked on the map came up as Génova, Columbia
Searching for "Génova, Columbia", Deaths - found Luis Garavito, a mass rapist and serial killer born in that area
>load luis garavito
That command redirected the browser to http://www.division-66.com/archive/vault/z9a4569bb2e14963b93b09f47f050a3d.jpg
Division-66-6-luis garavito.jpg
Final File
Brute force checking of the 6th image for interchanges like the one shown eventually found Centreville, VA
Searching for "centreville, va, disaster" brings up a large number of "Disaster Recovery" services, which was perhaps meant to be the link.
>load centreville
That command gave the reply:
Rupture Sites: no more data
Image Assembly
All 6 of the images had markers that allowed them to be assembled into a single file.
Image Interpretation
The check marks on the image seem to form a Golden Sprial, which when drawn, landed on the numbers/symbols 6:1-8
Final Solution
It is uncertain if 6:1-8 is correct and a step was missed, or if the spiral was drawn incorrectly and it was supposed to only be "618"
Patient file "Sophie Hollins" was case # 0103-618A
She had been identified earlier as the only patient with a case number in the 600's, but the terminal would not take her name until after the "load centreville" command had been used
After entering the "load centreville" command, the mission terminal then took "Sophie Hollins" as the correct solution


After finishing the mission, players were given the following image, as well as the opportunity to sign up for the persistent ARG with Beta player bonuses.