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This is the fourth mission presented on the initial terminal as part of the Division-66 ARG.

Mission 4 opened on 2014-03-25 at 1900 EDT.


Prior to the mission opening, players with clearance level Orange and Yellow received phone calls relaying the following message.

1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
83 65 84 67 79 77 32 105 110 116 101 114 99 101 112 116  
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5

This translates to "SATCOM intercept."


Clicking on the mission opened up a window that was a "briefing". The briefing is a woman's voice reading a string of numbers with someone else talking in the background.

1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
70 85 77 84 85  
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5

After the briefing, you are then taken to the main screen for the mission.


The mission parameters are:

Difficulty Level: Hard

Threat Level - High

Begin transmission 
"Initial report Black Watchmen agents targeted by enemy sniper. Protect at all cost." 
End transmission

You can click on the image next to the transmission to get a closer look at the picture. However, for this mission, players were given 1 of 2 possible images.

Division-66-4-clue1.jpg Division-66-4-clue2.jpg

You must then use the clues provided to enter the code.


There is nothing in the code box to indicate the format expected this time

<spoiler text="Briefing Clue 1">These numbers will translate, like in previous missions</spoiler> <spoiler text="Briefing Clue 2">http://www.asciitohex.com/ is your friend</spoiler> <spoiler text="Briefing Solution">The numbers translate to FUMTU</spoiler>

Mission Parameters

<spoiler text="Parameters Solution">"Targeted by enemy sniper" is highlighted, and we have to protect a Black Watchmen agent, but it doesn't actually help you solve the puzzle.</spoiler>

Mission images

<spoiler text="Image clue 1">One image is of Primorskiy Rayon and the other is of Minneapolis</spoiler> <spoiler text="Image clue 2">The locations obviously don't overlap, so the images should be treated separately</spoiler> <spoiler text="Image clue 3">The hexagons are 8 x 8</spoiler> <spoiler text="Image clue 4">8 bits in a byte, 1 bite in an ascii character</spoiler> <spoiler text="Image clue 5">Reds are 0, yellows are 1</spoiler> <spoiler text="Image clue 6">Reading left to right gives you 0 or numbers that are too big</spoiler> <spoiler text="Image clue 7">Read from top to bottom</spoiler> <spoiler text="Image clue 8">http://www.asciitohex.com/ is your friend again</spoiler> <spoiler text="Solution">The Minneapolis image reads "sjJNqxex" and the Primorskiy Rayon image reads "pastebin"</spoiler>

Step 2

<spoiler text="Step 2, clue 1">Go to http://pastebin.com/sjJNqxex

The text reads:

Things here are in a state of transition. The Bureau have agree to concentrate our effort on TBW. Product Aygolan [loc Санкт-Петербург] and Phonochirp [Loc Minneapolis] should be remove permanently from the list. The Bureau is gearing up for the arrival of long term personnel and identifying detaInees. Once these detainees are identified, they’ll become “projects” and we should have a much greater impact then we have now.

I’ve been here 2 weeks today and have tagged along and observed approxiMately 12 Interviews. The common theme seems to be the detainees are all extremely frustrated about being asked the same questions about the Rupture site, over and over again, by different interroGators. Once the projects are initiated, that should resolve itself. Most of the detainees I’ve observed have been uncooperative and untruthful and some refuse to speak.

I’ve met with our contacts within TBW and found them to be a great resoUrce. They know everything that’s going on with the CM and the components. We’re still fighting the battle with the Division 66 which routinely has a negative impact on what we’re trying to do.
Last night I went to observe an interview of ---- with -------. The adjoining room, observable from the monitoring booth, was occupied by 2 FSB investigators showing a detainee snuff movies including children and using strobe light in the room. The interview went for 16 – 18 hours using vaRious tactics, (Constant loud music cranking the A/C up and down, etc…) The next time a real agent with full project clearance enter the room, you can imagine the result…

I haven’t’ heard anything about the housing situation. A new housing assignment roster came out yesterday and the CA --------- is assigned to our unit with ----------. I told the new Admin CA ----- we had another Agent arriving in mid-week. He said he’d been told we were ending our presence here. I hope it’s not the case.

Product Recalls for SKU Vl2njwV
Product Recalls for SKY uSerOyZ


<spoiler text="Step 2, clue 2">Make sure to read closely</spoiler> <spoiler text="Step 2, clue 3">Formatting counts</spoiler> <spoiler text="Step 2 solution">The oddly capitalized words spell out "IMGUR"</spoiler>

Step 3

<spoiler text="Step 3, clue 1">Go to http://imgur.com/Vl2njwV and get Division-66-4-Vl2njwV.png

Also to http://imgur.com/uSerOyZ and getDivision-66-4-uSerOyZ.png </spoiler> <spoiler text="Step 3, clue 2">They look like QR Codes, but are missing the blocks in the corner that are used by QR codes.</spoiler> <spoiler text="Step 3, clue 3">This site decodes multiple types of image bar codes - http://zxing.org/w/decode.jspx</spoiler> <spoiler text="Step 3, clue 4">The first image gives you a raw text of "QUJPUlTCt0ZTQiBUQlcgVEFSR0VUIC0gUEhPTk9DSElSUA=="

The second image gives you a raw text of "QUJPUlTCt0ZTQiBUQlcgVEFSR0VUIC0gQVlHT0xBTg===" </spoiler> <spoiler text="Step 4, solution">Again, back to http://www.asciitohex.com/ These are in BASE64.

The first one reads "ABORT·FSB TBW TARGET - AYGOLAN"

The second one reads "ABORT·FSB TBW TARGET - PHONOCHIRP" </spoiler>


<spoiler text="Final Solution">Either of the translations can work, you have decide which to enter.</spoiler>


Upon completion of the puzzle: <spoiler text="Mission reward">

You can click on the mission again after you have opened it to get the following image: Division-66-4-reward.jpg </spoiler>