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This Mission 1 from the initial terminal presented as part of the Division-66 ARG

Mission 1 opened on 2014-03-19 (Time unknown).


Clicking on the mission opened up a window that was a "briefing". Initially, the briefing is just a woman's voice reading a string of numbers with someone else talking in the background.

1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
98 101 110 103 97 108 
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5

There is then an extremely long pause before a final video plays - "Captain William Patrick, reporting to base". To see the video again, without having to wait through the briefing again - Captain Patrick video

After the briefing, you are then taken to the main screen for the mission.


The mission parameters are:

Difficulty Level: Medium

Emergency Extraction

Begin transmission 
"Agent Alata. Required immediate extraction. Startup Code 83-72-7 are Safe and Secure. Hurry." 
End transmission

You can click on the image next to the transmission to get a closer look at the picture.


You must then use the clues provided to enter the code.



<spoiler text="Answer type clue 1">The format in the code box is XX°XX'XX"X XX°XX'XX"X</spoiler> <spoiler text="Answer type clue 2">The °, ', and " symbols are degrees, minutes, and seconds</spoiler> <spoiler text="Answer type solution">The answer is a set of coordinates</spoiler> <spoiler text="Answer formatting hint">You must type it in exactly as the sample in the code box shows. No decimal points, comas, etc. Also, the final "X" in each part of the coordinate is N or E, not a digit. The proper format should be XX°XX'XX"N XX°XX'XX"E</spoiler>


<spoiler text="Briefing clue 1">The 1,2,3,4,5 strings are stops and starts, not the actual message</spoiler> <spoiler text="Briefing clue 2">You have to decode 98 101 110 103 97 108 just like you have with some investigation missions in the game</spoiler> <spoiler text="Briefing clue 3">http://www.asciitohex.com/</spoiler> <spoiler text="Briefing solution">98 101 110 103 97 108 is ascii for "bengal"</spoiler>


<spoiler text="83-72-7 clue 1">83-72-7 refers to the chemical Lawsone</spoiler> <spoiler text="83-72-7 clue 2">The page for Lawsone says it comes from the plant Lawsonia inermis</spoiler> <spoiler text="83-72-7 clue 3">Lawsonia inermis is used to make Henna</spoiler> <spoiler text="83-72-7" solution">The wikipedia entry for Henna has links to "Bangladeshi weddings". So, look for where the maps for Bengal and Bangladesh overlap</spoiler>


Clues for Alata - Unknown


<spoiler text="Finding code clue 1">The picture is some geometric buildings next to a road (not a river)</spoiler> <spoiler text="Finding code clue 2">From the size of the road and look of the buildings, it is in a city</spoiler> <spoiler text="Finding code clue 3">Start with the largest city in the area</spoiler> <spoiler text="Finding code clue 4">The largest city in the area that over laps Bengal and Bangladesh is Dhaka</spoiler> <spoiler text="Finding code clue 5">The building is next to one of the largest roads running through it</spoiler> <spoiler text="Finding code solution">The building is at 23.733663, 90.381835</spoiler>


<spoiler text="Final Solution">The pickup point on the mission image is slightly off from the building, to the east, the coords for the pickup are at 23.733696, 90.381941. Which converted to the format the code box wants is 23°44'01"N 90°22'55"E</spoiler>


Upon completion of the puzzle: <spoiler text="Mission reward"> You get a link to the following image: Division-66-PatientAlpha.jpg

Which has a title up top- "Patient: Alpha"

Note: the picture was later updated to the following version: Patient Alpha2.jpg </spoiler>