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The Division-66 Alternate Reality Game is not strictly part of The Secret World, but is a companion Alternate Reality Game that is meant to tie into TSW. Both TSW and Division-66 can be played individually, but players who participate in both will recognize various tie-ins, and may be presented with additional benefits in either.


On the Unfiction forums (a site dedicated to ARGs), user bluesylvia posted that she had received an email -

From: "orders@division-66.com" 
Subject: "Division 66 to all inactive agents"
     Importance: HIGH
     This is not a drill.

The initial division-66 website: Initial website

Additionally, there is a video clip that will only play occasionally when visiting the base http://division-66.com webpage (and not any of the sub-pages). The video is hosted here, and the transcript seems to be as follows (Although there are some questions due to accent and poor quality sound):

Begin Transmission
	Captain William Patrick
	March 19 2014
	Captain William Patrick 42nd division reporting:
		I've been on site the last four days where we've encountered a victim who was maximally exposure in the incident.
		Genetic analysis have been conducted.
		And it appears we are facing the first recorded of mutation of the BDNF genes.
		Here the first lab results:
			This anomaly is extremely rare and can only be found in 1 out of 5 million humans.
			With no apparent restriction to age group and gender.
			It seems that alpha patients suffered a heavy chain reaction resulting in a mutation with its BDNF genes
			The Result of this mutation seems to drastically alter its sensory (communicative?? cognitive??) capacities.
		        As for now, we are not yet able to confirm if the mutation has stabilized and estimate the full extent of its impact on the patient. 
		Therefore I am requesting for ordinance and boots on the ground.
		We must consider ???(situation?)??? a serious threat for security
		Reports over

End Transmission


There are 6 missions on the initial terminal. Walkthroughs and explanations of each mission can be found on their individual pages. These pages do include spoilers, but spoilers are hidden unless clicked.

Additionally, there may be ad-hoc missions that are sent to players at any given moment. Again, see their individual pages for details. So far, we have had the following ad-hoc missions:

  • 2014-03-20 - A security breach has been found and players must secure it



There has been several images, videos, audio calls, and twitter feeds as part of this ARG. Most of them can be found on the page with their related missions. The images here tend to be ones that deal with the ARG as a whole.

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