Director De la Guardia

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Director De la Guardia
Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: New York
Location: Test Chamber
Background Information
Species: Human
Occupation: Combat Director
NPC Information
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Voiced by: Andrew Kishino

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Other Information

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Involved in


The Test Chamber

This is a test environment in more ways than one, my friend. In here, we have total control. We see war play out exactly as we intend it to. You will learn and, unless you offend me more than I can bear, little harm comes to you. It is not a substitute for the field, but forget the field for now. Think only of yourself, the weapons, the targets, nothing else. Find your specialisation. Harness your anima. When you have total control here, you will begin to understand total control outside. That is a goal for us both to work towards. Return whenever you wish.


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