Dimir Farm Cellar (Solo Instance)

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Dimir Farm Cellar (Solo Instance)
Map Coordinates: (1103,1080)
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Type: Solo Instance

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The cellars beneath the Dimir Farm is actually an old Soviet bunker complex. The Dimir Family has been using it to hold Ghouls and other creatures prisoner until Silviu Dimir can grind them up into sausages.

The entrance is inside one of the building on the Dimir Farm at (1103,1080)

NOTE: This is a solo-only instance


Involved In


You go into the first set of tunnels to the west to unlock the rest of the bunker complex. After that it is mostly a circular progression that will eventually lead you back to the entrance/exit

Dimir Farm Cellar.png


Environmental Hazards

  • There are laser grids in the first section that can kill on contact
  • There are security cameras that can activate machine guns in the first section as well


There is no achievement for this location itself