Did Not Fall Into Temptation

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Did Not Fall Into Temptation.png

Complete Hell Fallen (Nightmare) without any member of the group changing decks or gear


  • Complete the Hell Fallen dungeon on Nightmare difficulty without anyone in the group changing any of their gear or abilities during the mission
  • In order to start this achievement you must first use a yellow-outlined "strange totem" just off to the right when you first come into the dungeon
  • width Sympathy for the Devil



  • The totem must be set before fighting the first boss. However - you can set the totem after the group has run through the sandstorm and up to the first boss's screen. Someone (tank, healer, or both) will have to run back to it, set it, and then catch up to the group, which means that person will go through the sandstorm three times. But, this allows the DPS in the group to equip HP items for the run through the storm and then switch back to AR items once they are through it.

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