Demolisher (Class)

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Demolisher (Class).png
Favourite Role: Tank
Primary Weapon: Hammer
Secondary Weapon: Blade
Difficulty: Difficulty 2.jpg

Demolishers crush the opposition with a mighty hammer. This fearsome prowess is supplemented by masterful swordplay.


  • Primary: Hammer - Hammer users generate rage when dealing damage with hammer abilities or when taking damage. Certain hammer abilities can spend rage to cause additional effects.
  • Secondary: Blade - Blade users become more at one with their blade with continued attacks. When they are fully harmonized they can enter a new state where their blade attacks are empowered.

Favoured Role

  • Survivability - Endure enemy attacks

Notable Abilities

  • Eruption - A powerful Hammer attack that deals a large amount of damage in a column in front of you and knocks enemies into the air. Consumes 4 Hammer energy
  • Swallow Cut - A single target Blade attack that deals a large amount of damage. Consumes 3 Chaos Focus energy.


  • 2/5 - This build does not have an ability that does not consume ability energy, so energy needs to be managed carefully.