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If the monsters eat us, at least they’ll be using clean plates. - Leaderboards


Deep Ones are aquatic monsters with humanoid bodies. They appear to have fish-like heads and webbed limbs. Suited for the water, they drag their prey down to the depths of the ocean where they succumb to the water's pressure.


Recently, changes to their environment have led them to the surface in New England. The Draug sometimes order them around for their own purposes. Otherwise, they can be found hiding in dark, damp caves. They're surprisingly well adapted to moving on land, which doesn't seem to hinder their aggressive nature in the slightest.



Monster - Deep Ones
Name Objective
Fish Face Kill 10 Deep Ones
Something Fishy Kill 25 Deep Ones
Trawler Kill 50 Deep Ones
Deeply Involved Kill 100 Deep Ones
Unfathomable Kill 500 Deep Ones
From the Abyss Kill 1,000 Deep Ones
Despair Kill 5,000 Deep Ones
We're Left With Nothing Kill 10,000 Deep Ones

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